Soul Purifying Deep Healing Session

Whoever who has been mentally tortured, and your personality has been split. Your life cannot function harmoniously. You lose confidence. You feel vulnerable. You get desperate. You are looking for help. You can’t access your strong personality as before. You need a spiritual healer to weave your broken parts together. Soul Purifying is exactly that.
Soul Purifying purifies the excess energy and transform them into strength. The web in your spirit was broken, and you need someone who can see the broken pieces and re-connect it to the stronger version waiting to come alive.
Soul Purifying removes toxic energy and reconnect the broken synapses in your mind with clarity of the tortured, abused, and broken traumatic situation in your life.
Soul Purifying helps you to stand up strong, but we need to confront and face the emotions.
Imagine, the torture, the trauma, the trouble.
They are there, taking refuge and holding a part of your soul down. Its trapping your soul. The emotions are hard to confront. You fear it. You refuse to remember it. You fight it everyday and in your dreams.
Soul Purifying helps to release the emotional grip and trauma away from your soul. It releases the grip of external environment, events, people from controlling and oppressing your soul.
It’s like rescuing a trauma bonded child. Who were caught by another event, persons anger and hatred and resentment. Something pulling your leg down. Holding that child. Wont let go.
Having a Soul Purifying Deep Healing Session is bandaging your broken soul and pouring a lot of healing to re-attach your split, broken self into harmonious function-able identity.
Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, is a sign of Spiritual Oppression. This begins with the basic emotions that are not allowed to be released from your nervous system. All of this emotions are suppressed and turn into an energy called stress, it will grip your back, neck, body, your nervous system will be lagged with true response.
Anxiety, Fear, Restlessness, Detached from A State of Relaxation, Calm, and Centered Consciousness. Able to do Daily Jobs, Personal Interests, Commitment to Pursuit of Personal Happiness.
This is my service, my vocation and my business.
Connect to me through email to have a Preliminary Consultation to see if you fit to be a client who wishes to progress deeper in their life with a fire of faith, and passion to live.
email :

If you are ready to proceed in a Universal Healing Session Book Your Appointment Here.

After this Booking and Payment, Send an email to with your City, TimeZone, and Preferred Time & Day for Skype Appointment to be Scheduled.
With Regards
Meredith Mynrose,
Universal Healer

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