A Memory of Your Past Self {Converging to Your Future}

A Memory of Your Past Self {Converging to The Future}
We keep looking back at the person who we lost in the memories of our past years. With the events that removes our confidence, our joy, our happiness. From the people who we once believed, trusted and supported.
I wish to let you know, that, its okay.
That its okay to be betrayed, to be broken, and to be mistreated.
Its okay.
I hope one day you see that you were never a victim and not stupid. Even if you believe it, or was forced to believe it.
I hope one day you see that you were never guilty.
You were never guilty because you did not ask to be betrayed, scammed, conned, or manipulated.
I hope one day you see the truth.
That nobody can erase your truth.
That nobody can erase your integrity.
That nobody can erase your innocence.
Even however much they refuse to admit the truth.
They refuse you from holding the truth.
They refuse you from standing in your truth.
You are still who you are.
Although broken, and semi-f*cked up.
You are still in your core self.
Your core self still exists.
You can still identify your true self.
You know you are still in there.
Still ready and waiting to get going.
To live the life you dream of.
To create the life you ambition about.
To be the person you believe you could be.

MeredithMynrose 2013

That person is you.
This you is in there.
This you is waiting.
This you is fighting.
This you is holding on.
This you is believing.
This you is hoping.
This you is faith.
This you is you with inner fire.
This you is passion.
You can feel you inside you.
Waiting to spark brighter.
Waiting to walk that vision of your truth.
The biggest power you have right now
is to believe that stepping into your fear
is cherry on a cupcake.
Because you can learn to know.
That standing outside of your fear
Is standing in a zone that your haters are comfortable with
And standing inside your fear is standing where your haters are most uncomfortable with
Because they have gas-lighted you
to step back from your strength, your capabilities,
your shine, and your truth
I know the drill
You keep wanting to go forward with your desires
Your priorities
Your happiness
But you keep getting pulled back to the sideline
You keep letting the voices drown your desires
You keep letting the voices tell you, not now, later.
You keep letting the voices tell you to procrastinate
You keep letting the voices tell you, that you shouldn’t.
That you cant.
That its a terrible idea.
That bad thing will happen.
That it will feel really really really horrible if you did it.
You are stuck.
Between stepping into your future.
And staying in another person’s illusion, and perception.
That traps you in a place of confusion.
In a place of doubt.
In a place of hesitance.
A place that you can never excel.
Because you are constantly under surveillance.
Of the voice that controls you.
The voice that says later.
Not now.
Just wait.
The voice that pretends to care.
But allow you to feel miserable.
The voice that pretends to support.
But make you remain in physical danger.
The voice that makes you lose days, months and years.
But makes you think you have forever to take charge and change your life.
Do you really want to be where you are right now
Or do you feel forced, restrained, constrained to do anything else but be in the sidelines of your life.
That the ruler of your life is the voice hiding quietly behind your ear,
telling you to not do what you love
telling you to not do what you feel good about
telling you, that you cannot no matter what.
This voice is not your friend, its your foe.
This voice is not supportive, but sabotaging.
This voice is not of love, but of hatred.
This voice is not pure, but insidious.
You will lose months, and years, if you keep letting this voice control your present moment.
It is time you will fight this voice with a lot of will power
and strength
and make commitments everyday
to keep finishing tasks
to keep completing your priorities
to achieve each goals on your daily lists
Its time you take charge of the voices in your life
that rules your actions.
It is time you can take your opportunities and slice them into pieces of scrumptious chocolate cake.
Step by step
Write down your opportunities
Break down the goals to receive this opportunities
Make and customize your opportunities

Meredith Mynrose/ Tabernacle Notting Hill 2014 April

Write a new story
Have courage to meet new people
Throw the old stories
End it and burn it.
You have a choice to keep your beliefs, values and actions aligned with your vision.
Grudges are purified.
Grudges are holding on to old stories that keeps you trapped.
Get rid of grudge and relief it with hope and joy
New opportunities beckons
New people awaits
New friendships to be formed.
New connections and alliances to be ignited.
Make new networks of support and social circles that is filled with warmth, love, and respect. Individually towards each other.
Erase the doubt,
Accept to learn new ways.
Erase the fear,
Accept to feel vulnerable in not knowing.
Erase the hesitance,
Accept you can try in new environments.
Erase the concept of later,
Accept its now or never.
There is really nothing stopping you.
Its an illusion of a feeling that denies you
from stepping into your moment of joy.
Your moment of Glory.
Your moment of Achievement.
You’ve waited long enough for permission.
You’ve waited long enough for the right time.
You’ve waited long enough for external approval.
Its time for you to give yourself the permission slip.
to be Daring.
to be Great.
to be Absolutely F*cking Amazing.
Its time for you to give you this time.
This is the time you step into you decision and willpower.
To align yourself in your true vision.
Your true mission
Your mission is Happiness.
Are you up for this dare/challenge/mistakes/chaos/party/celebration?
Its time for you to approve yourself ultimately.
Right now.
There is no buts. ifs. later. wait a minute. or soon.
You know it.
You know there is nothing else being put as doubt, reason, or bumper in your life.
You either push yourself to do it.
Or motivate yourself to get there.
But it all lies on you.
Are you willing to be in charge to change your life.
To be responsible for where you are about to shine and be initiated.
You don’t have to worry about being who you were in your past.
The past self is gone.
This is your new self.
The version that is indestructible.
Because you have been destroyed 7 times.
Now you get back up 8 times.
You get back up because its your time.
Time to rock and shine and claim this space on earth with your light and honor and pride and dignity.
As well as joy and happiness and huge smile on your face
that can brighten the entire spacious room like sunlight.
Your spirit wants you.
Your god wants you.
Your universe wants you.
The earth wants you.
To enjoy your life.
This new memory.
This new story.
This new you.
You can build yourself.
Step by step.
With a lot of love, care, and push.
To keep stepping into your joy.
And keep believing in your values.
In your service.
In your life.
Your life is a perfect stitch in the fabric of this universe.
You matter.
You exist.
You are the utmost important seed on this earth.
Make a New Memory Every Day
Of How Good You Are Today
Be Grateful For the Life You Have
And The Opportunity you yet Cease
Carpe Diem, every day.
Carpe Diem, every task.
Carpe Diem, every connection.
Carpe Diem, in every moment that passes by you.
Build a New Memory Every Day
That You Are Proud of!
Accomplish Your New You!
How would you be if you are your highest best version of yourself today?
Keep going in that direction.
Take action and go in the momentum of growth and progress
The one that brings you joy
liberation, a kick up the ass to keep you moving into a space you fear, but you know will enliven you and make you happiest.
Because the result of stepping into the illusion of fear, is the sustaining reason of joy.
That you know, you are born to be better version that who you were yesterday or the days that you felt you sucked
You know your capabilities
You know your desires
You know your visions
You know your future
You can create a future
In this present moment
By anticipating and actively be the aligned version of your highest self.

Photo taken in 2012 August Primrose Hill London
Do you see the memory of your future self?
Envision and Visualize
You are a Peace Visionary!
How would You Be, in the best Peaceful State of Your Life?
Invite that Person in Now.
This is a Memory you can build from now.
Your Mind Radiates Love.
Your Mind Radiates Peace.
Your Mind Radiates Your True Authenticity.
Step into The Highest Version of Your Peaceful Self.
The Memory of Your Future Self Is Here.
Work towards the Vision of Your Future Self.
Step by step.
Right Now.
Be that person.
Because you will know.
How Ready you are.
You picked up the Call.
Now Deliver the Truth of who you truly are.
Carpe diem.
Peace Visionary.
You are your Future Self.
In this moment.
Evolve around this energy.
This vibration.
Dance in the Frequency of your Highest Best Version of your Future Self.
Move in the Resonance of your Highest Best Version of Your Future Self.
You will indirectly become it.
As you focus in the direction of it.
Until you reach the destination.
You will evolve rapidly to become the vision of yourself
from the future
How would my best version respond
How would my best version decide
How would my best version act in this very moment
Build that new pattern.
Come and see if you wish to work with me personally.
Soul Purifying Healing Session.
Email to converse.
Meredith Mynrose

Massive Divine Loving Storm Your Way 🤗🌹😇💞💛💚💙💜💗💟

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