Karma Retro Healing Session Aug 2017

Hi Earth Lovers, Peace Visionaries, Ladies and Gents!

Here is the Special for August 2017!

The Karma Retro Healing Session !


In this unique Session, we will uncover patterns in your beliefs and self worth that is stuck and which you desire to change, shift, and evolve into a more energized, loving, prosperous feelings.

It can be and to do with

  • Home Life
  • Relationships
  • Personal Motivations
  • Personal Desires
  • Manifesting Experiences
  • Career and Dreams
  • Removing Dark Memories from your Past


This special and unique session with a very affordable fee is created with the intention of spreading love, acceptance, and groundbreaking motion so you will get out of the rut you were in, and give yourself a motivation and support you believe you need.


If this is something you believe can help you to move forward, resolve your emotional baggage, pain, and feeling stuck in the rut. Go for it!

Click here to order the session(s)
You can enter more than 1 session to take special advantage of this once in a year pricing.


Bold Blessings towards you!
Let’s kick some Karma’s Ass with Divine Love!


Meredith Mynrose,
Universal Healer

Published by meredithmynrose

I am a Universal Healer, Life Coach and Peace Visionary. Welcome to my blog where I share tips on energy healing, articles of personal development and sharing my wisdom and experiences to build a peaceful and powerful community in this planet one small neighbourhood at a time. Follow my youtube channel : AndromedaLoveStory

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