You Coward, in a Nightmare

You are a coward
I couldn’t see it before, because I was so confused with why did you lie to me

But now, I can admit the full truth, as I see it to be as it is right now
that you are a coward.
You were so scared of people who believe in their big dreams
that you were scared of my dreams
and you attacked it, with all of your shame
but it was never your dream
You believed you could never attain such dreams
So you attack anyone who does believe in their dreams

You are a living nightmare
You live in a nightmare
I am happy to no longer have you in my life, and you are locked in my memory as a lesson
But you will never taint my self respect nor my self esteem
As the truth is shown that you have none
And your attempt has failed.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer


1 Hour USD 180 / GBP £ 150

meredithmynrose at gmail dot com



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