You Are Not Invisible

I can see myself clearly

and I can see that I am worthy

I am visible

I am important

I matter

I accept they all feel small

they are a coward, a liar, and

they need to prove that I am smaller than them

But the truth is, they were smaller than me

They were out of my league

They were never at par with my status

They make me feel inadequate and

make me prove my worth

I no longer have to prove my worth to them

Because I am enough

I am complete

I am good

The truth is, they deny feeling their emotions

And they try to steal my emotions

They try to feel entitled

arrogant, and grand around me

They never deserved it

Because they never put an effort to be like me

That is why they are entitled jerks.

They try to make me feel invisible

They try to suck the light out of me.

But I am strong,

Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

The more they burn me with their hatred,

The more they punish me with their jealousy

the more I shine with my faith and glory

I shine with love and abundance

That my spirit was always free,

and forever will be free

I see myself

I can see me

I verify my own presence

I validate my own experience

I approve myself unconditionally and lovingly

I am important to me

I always think highly of myself

in a justifiable manner


Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer



1 Hour USD 180 / GBP £ 150

meredithmynrose at gmail dot com



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