Ancestral Karma : Healing & Spiritus Evolution



Dear Reader,

We have this opportunity to receive a divine guidance to make this a pleasant offering to whom are seeking this opportunity to be guided in discovering, healing and evolving from their ancestral karma(s).

From my experience as a healer, karma is only a generational trait, beliefs, and negative attraction that has been passed down through time.

This can be and be made to be seen as superstitious or superfluous, however if you have been from one healer to another healer, to one medicinal modality to the next medicinal modality and healings, you may have wrecked your brain and mind trying to resolve your specific and unique cases but have yet to figure out why you are still stuck in similar pattern, rut, and situation without deep lasting transformation and changes.

If you have had healing sessions previously with me, you will know we dig to the very roots and we find the answers with a non-attachment demeanor. We access the memory, we analyze the experience, we follow divine intuition and we clear the toxic prints in your soul, spirit and genetic patterns.

My experience is healing has unmasked many taboo territories from black magic, enslavement, difficult political and wealth entanglements, money demons, spirit of Jezebel in females, unnecessary tragedy from lust affecting female born daughters, associations to drug, human trafficking, murder and self perform suicide.

These are all energy targeting good spirits who are in need of soul purifying, clarity, and understanding of the sins done in their ancestral past, to the victim sacrificing martyrs in their ancestors and great grandparents as well as passed down victim mind controlling enigma or behaviour that stops one individual from stepping into their freewill, personal power and state of mental and spiritual peace.

Many physical ailments have been roots of spiritual restrictions, where the emotions are bind from entering divine love. In this Ancestral Karma offer to guide, heal, re-script and evolve the client guided by divine love, faith and light, we will use our abilities to enter the deep ancestral roots and help, assist and guide the particular person to shift higher from the lower vibrational belief, behaviours and nervous system reactions towards higher loving belief, positive behaviours and healing the nervous system towards enlightenment, peace, joy and relief.

Our reason to begin this offer is to be able to showcase deep internal power of memory, that is of the eternal soul and connecting this clients soul to their divine higher self. Allowing the spirit, to become free and unafflicted from their past and shifting from pain to power and from suffering to bliss.

Once you feel you are interested to discover more on this offering, you may book a first consultation session, priced at $167 and you can see how we delve into the picture of your history and begin to set the pattern you carry each one that is an obstacle and remove this obstacle to become a flowing energy of harmony and peace.

After the first consultation, you are able to make a decision to partake in a 3-payment package for 6 Ancestral Karma Healing sessions.

If money is not an objection, you may also access the full ancestral karma healing package, for 6 sessions, for $3000 with complimentary 7th session on the house.

We would like to inform the future participants of this healing that this is a deep authentic emotional clearance of the mind, body, spirit and soul. Emotions that are suppressed deep in the soul may bubble and be triggered in order to be cleansed and healed.

What you will need in order to take part of this Ancestral Karma healing is a lot of courage, deep faith, readiness to be attentive in order to listen, process, and reflect.

You must also already have good sense of intuition, and a strong space of love within yourself, to partake in this healing voyage with me, the universal healer, as I guide you into the space where we can remove the poisonous seeds and plant a loving seed of love in the old wrecked broken boundaries, dignity, and self awareness.

My name is Meredith Mynrose, I am a Universal Healer & A Peace Visionary, I began my Healing Journey as a Practitioner of this Healing Art, since the year 2011. My abilities sky-rocket within 1 year when I found out that Exorcisms, or removal of Negative Entities and Energies were part of my natural skills. I have polished this ability to be extremely refined and are able to guide you to confront and face the inner demons, ancestral shadows, dark histories of your ancestral pasts. Many of my clients have reached deep ancestral karmic healing in the 2nd to 3rd Month (Around 30-40 Sessions worth) of their spiritual healing program called Soul-Purifying, Soul-Building and Soul-Growth. Each program is 22 Sessions for 3 Months.

This is a deep, faster, that doesn’t mean less quality, except extremely refined subjective to the mission of accessing your past in order to reveal the demons, curse, negativity, toxic, dark patterns, and relinquish the dark powers over your freewill, harmony, peace, self love, self esteem and pure true independence to do as you desire in this god abundance planet.

I invite you, when you are ready, to have first consultation with me over Skype Video call.

1st Consultation Session :

3 Payment Plan :

1 Payment :

Divine & Deep Blessings for your Spiritual Presence here,
May you find peace in the now and we will be in touch in Divine Intervention & Synchronicity. Thank you.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer

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