Mind Control & Ritual Sacrifice Healing 1-1 Consultation

I don’t believe that the real victims of MK-Ultra Mind Control are meant to perish, suffer, and rot in the fears left in their mind.

I believe the pain this victim has suffered fuels a divine purpose.

I believe the grief caused by the pain and unfortunate losses is just a stepping stone to a superior and higher calling in each person’s life.

I believe only the strong, faithful, beautiful will survive and carry greater wisdom, power and compassion from the past.

I don’t believe these people are victims, I believe this people are heroes and heroines to their love story. The life they live here now, is just a plot twist, to create a greater finale, or a powerful historic and iconic emblem for each individual I speak to.

I refuse to believe I was a victim, but I was addicted to the thoughts of a victim, I was speaking like a victim, I was behaving like one, and I was subconsciously believing I was a victim.

Until I recognize that I did not chose that story. That story was forced upon me. That victim role was forced upon my childhood innocence.

Now – I recognize my willpower and knowledge to discern, how I want and choose to feel. How I decide on how I will to respond and react to anything that happens outside of me.

I believe when you have access to a huge amount of pain, grief and loss. This is an invitation to fill that hole in the earth of your soul, with so much power, gratitude and love.

Your parents may have sold their soul for money, may have signed a blood contract to Illuminati, or Freemason. May even sacrifice you to the sexual ritual abuse when you were younger.

Your parents may not be part of the Freemason brotherhood, but may have molested, raped, be part of a drug circle, your mother may have been a prostitute, or a drug dealer, crime just runs in your family.

Your parents may be inherently wealthy, or come from a poverty background, a scapegoat, passed down as outcasts hungry to prove its secure power and pride.

Your upbringing might have been futile, grey and dark, unable to express yourself, hiding to be who you are, always controlling your emotions and programming and conditioning yourself to look miserable, upset ,and unhappy, surrounding yourself with narcissist or sociopaths as adults.

You may have extended your toxic relationship with your family, with toxic friendships as an adult. Hitting a brick wall every time you trust someone, every time you open your heart, every time you hear and connect to someone.

Your trust, ability to connect, has been formed on habits perverse of a lie. Manipulation. Negativity.

You keep trusting the wrong person who keep betraying you, who keep lying to you, who keep hurting you and taking greedily from you.

You automatically forgive people who keep hurting you, who may harmed you, who endangers your own life.

Child Abuse was prone in your childhood, that as an adult when you get abuse, you naturally don;t fight back. Because you are immune to violence and toxic behaviors.

But it gets painful, it cuts deeper, everyday you question your worth, your life, and your purpose. You feel something is wrong, you wonder what is wrong and you keep waiting for an answer, but you are stuck and you don’t know where to begin.

You come from a toxic upbringing.
With parents who are narcissistic.
Your parents may have prioritized money over virtues.
They may even worship money more than love.
You may have been inappropriately abused financially.
Your identity is attacked to be meek, small and weak.
You were the scapegoat.
You have lost a sibling to suicide.
You have seen violence happening to your older brothers or sisters.
You have been physically assaulted to the point you fainted.
You disassociate anytime there has been danger, intimidation or provocation.
You cannot defend yourself around angry people.
You have post-traumatic stress disorder.
You may have a complex PTSD.

You keep attracting sociopath men or women.
You dont have a clue in why you have low taste in men or women.

You feel you have no power to refuse, or deny, or decline these people.
You didn’t recognize where your boundary has been broken.
You don’t know where you have been taken advantage of.

You know you deserve better relationships and better friends.
You know you have been a target for evil people, who lacks heart.
You know slowly you are surrounded by compulsive liars.

You know these people distorts your self worth, and guilt you into giving in to their every qualms and desires.

You have lost years, days, times, youth over the people who intoxicate your life.

You are waiting for an answer, for some divine guidance, for some healing opportunity.

You have read up on targeted individual, inception, fear magnet, scapegoats, black sheeps, psychopaths, narcissists and sociopathy.

You start to understand how incredible valuable you are to people with no soul or connection to spirit.

You realise you have conscience, but have been attacked for it.

You realise you can differentiate right from wrong.

You know this is epigentic behaviours, passed down from generations of abuse and belief system trickling down the blood of your ancestors.

Power, Magic, Wealth has been in your generation, your great grandparents may have been shamans, priestess, medicine man or medicine woman, magicians, healers.

You recognise Ancestral Karma, related to Mind Control, related to Secret Societies, related to Magic, related to Sex Kitten and so much more about Ritual Sacrifice.

You believe in Angels as much as you believe in the presence and evil of demons.
You have come across other type of demons stopping you from reaching the depths of your soul and spirit.

You have been programmed to limit your experience by the idea of money being in scarcity.

You heart has been restricted from feeling joy, because money is controlling your perception trapping you into a closed 4 walls of darkness.

As you age into your 30’s you realise that there is so much secret hidden in your past after the trauma, disassociation and you had to dig deep into a meditation, past life regression, cognitive therapy, just to reveal secrets from your past that could release you from the trapped pain, memory and emotions that is stored deep in your soul.

Your ancestors, grandparents and parents have had issues with land, money, and sacrificing other siblings for wealth. This backstabbing, betraying, and sacrifice for money has been disrupting the love, compassion and respect between each other.

Your family was affected by black magic, or curses, or negative toxic fears passed down from generations. People attack you for money or because of money.

This is a calling to future lightworkers, you are initiated now, to step into your highest calling, to step into your truth, and to step into your power.

You can find a spiritual meaning in your pain.
You can enliven the suffering into a cause for greater impact for your society.
Even- deeply for your own self and happiness.
You deserve greater than the pain from your past.
Let the pain, grief, sorrow be the dugged empty holes that you plant seeds of love, compassion and self respect
So you may instill a new sense of healthy boundaries to decline any experience you may not wish to experience any longer.
Your awareness that can be increased with my services to see your prevail in your spiritual development.

Free your soul and spirit from material subjugations.
Allow your mind to be unlimited and infinite.
To expand in love and prosperity.
I am coaching you to Treasure Your Heart.
Prioritize your Spirit, Virtues and Loving Soul.


Join the Deep Soul Healing Program,
Customised for Mk-Ultra, FreeMason, Ritual Sacrifice Healing.



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