What Other People Think is Irrelevant

What Other People Think is Irrelevant

Whatever happens to me, its my life. What other people think, is entirely irrelevant. Sociopath tends to make you so concern about what other people think when something bad happens to you. Approval, Validation, Shame, Rejection is all but a paradox to a reality created by misunderstanding, false judgement, and superficial moral values.
In its entirety, my life as well as anyones life on this planet earth is collectively created by the thoughts we choose to nurture and focus on. At the end of the day, how and what we think about ourselves matters more than anyone outside of us, society, sadists, haters and gossipers.
Make sure you fall asleep with a loving protective and smart voice that lives in your mind and not a fool who broke into your minds door to terrorize your beautiful vibes and the crown where you place your blueprint for your reality.
Everyone nasty, belittling and arrogant is irrellevant to me and my life. I have complete control of my reality. I have complete control of my vision. I have complete control of my thoughts. I have complete control of my power. I have complete control of my will.
Lets create a new reality.
Work with me Universal Healer, World Peace begins with yours.

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