WisdomShare : There is No Guilt in Receiving Love

There is no guilt in receiving love


You unconsciously reject blessings, abundance and love



You were surrounded by people who were jealous of your abundance, blessings and love you received from your surrounding

Slowly this toxic people who were envious of you puts on their fake friend mask and befriend the f*ck out of you.

They start advising you about life, as soon as you try to have an independent mind and try to refuse this suggestion, a strong micro aggression starts to roll on your skin and hairs. You felt a tiny shock in your nervous system for having the ability to respond to your fake friends suggestions.

All that you have to do is just agree, smile and validate.

You start to do exactly just that.

Agree, smile, validate. While your nervous system is tied into a knot after focusing on how wrong it was but you cannot control yourself. Because your fake hypocrite friend already got too close to now control your mini behaviours. 

Your natural, healthy and normal response system. Now twisted by a wretched soul called a hypocrite.

The good is bad, the bad is good. The wrong is right, the right is wrong.

Finishing your money is good. Having money is bad. 

Judging and rejecting people is good. Accepting and loving people is bad.

Having fear and closing yourself is good. Having love and connecting to people is bad.

Giving up what you love is good, taking on toxic behaviours is good to replace your healthy interests.

Your personality, identity tarnished by a dark poisonous soul with the intention to destroy all that is good about you. 

The discardation phase almost complete. Just a little bit more of devaluation. To harmfully keep the good person self sabotaging herself/himself until they suffer continuously and no longer have faith or shine bright. 

We have been programmed to continuously Reject love. Reject kindness. Reject warmth from our surrounding. 

But what we naturally have before, so much love, warmth, content, satisfaction, abundance, joy, and all this good fuzzy feelings. Where have they gone?

The secret? 

Its still there, deep inside of you.

It was never destroyed or affected.

You have just been overrided by virus of negativity and poisons by hypocrites hating your light.

The truth is? 

No one can remove your inner light, power or shine. No one can take it, steal it, rob it, or attack it. 

Everything is just a state of mind. Its just making you think so. Or forcing your mind to plug to another persons power, weakness and hatred. 

We just have to unplug from those negativity and plug our mind, focus and intention back to our own positivity. 

Your natural system is stronger than any mindprogramming happening to you at all age or life phases. 

Your true soul. True self. True spirit of love.

It can never be destroyed.

It can never be derailed.

It can dim only because we get pushed and pulled out of our own orbits. Our own energy centers.

So tuning back into ourself helps us to increase the inner brightness. 

We can receive love. We can impart warmth. We can vibe kindness. 

There are humans on this planet who has made their mission to target beautiful sunshiney souls. 

They rain on shiny parades by first being a trojan horse filled with harmful bombs.

Entering our life filled with garlands, balloons, pretty superficial happiness. Big smiles, Exciting promises, and Reflecting our own warmth and love.

Suddenly, our reality shift and change. We stopped feeling good. We are confused. 

We stopped receiving love.

We stopped attracting kindness.

We stopped receiving smiles.

We stopped smiling.

There are people who comes into your life just to wipe that happiness, smile, gratitude off your face.

They make you hate your favourite clothes. They make you hate your valuables.

They make you hate your friends.

They make you hate your family.

They make you hate your pets.

They make you hate everything you love.

What is happening?

You’ve allowed a monster to enter into your life.

You let in a troll.

This human is a living zombie with a dead evil eye.

They hate everything they see about you. 

They hate everything you love.

They hate everything you own.

They hate everyone you know.

They substantially hates your life. 


They make you feel that being yourself is bad.

They condition you to fear your natural state of happiness.

They push you far into the chamber or dusty attic in your life.

They put so much force and weight to stop you from stepping into your power.

Step into your light.

Step into your vast emotion of self love.

They push you off your root chakra and tell you that you belong in the dark.

Be miserable.

Be unhappy.

Be ungrateful.

Be hateful.

They make you feel so guilty to have love. So guilty to be blessed. So guilty to be wealthy. So guilty to be cared.

All this feelings is a projection, from a very immature soul, who have the physical body of an adult, but the intelligence of a strongly egoistical and retarded human. A human so nasty that they shame love, virtue, and kindness.

Actually, no one hates you and no one thinks that you are a bad person.

This is called projecting and triangulation.

The monster, troll and zombie manipulates other people to hate on you. They use other people to attack you, they watch your life be ruined. They provoke other people to fight you. They gossip about you. They tell people lies and accuse you. They create a drama, play the good person role and victim, then make you seem like you are the crazy one. 

Truth is. All and every shit that has happened to you in the past. Is 100% forgivable.

Because you didn’t know how deeply retarded and dangerous they were. 

Stop fighting with the past story. Accept all of this monsters, trolls, zombies for who they truly are. 

Eventually you have the strength, memory, courage to step back into your true power, good feelings and wealthy prosperity. 

Instead of feeling guilty that you were able to love and receive love. 

You feel honoured and blessed to be gifted with access to empathy, compassion and the feeling of graceful love.

Which none of this monsters, trolls, zombies can ever experience like a juicy apple of faith. 

This was the true test and challenge of the universe. 

You are so blessed that you can feel love.

That you can feel grateful.

That you can quintessentially “feel”

Only a free spirit can feel the higher octave of gratitude, love, bliss and joy.

But the monsters, trolls, and zombies?

They cannot feel. They are stupefied.

They are such as objects dwelling in the frequencies of this planet. Unable to vibrate in a natural order.

They are not of natural order.

Non-harmonious creatures and abomination.

They (monster, trolls, zombies) distract you from your own self. Removes your focus to hate, reject, destroy, and ruin. 

They guilt you for having anything good. Especially feelings of being blessed.

Their jealousy running rampant.

Haters, they dont hate you. 

They hate themselves.

You have choice now to bring love back in. 

How, you ask?

Imagine if you are special in your own way. Some people likes you a lot. That they want to be you friend, fan and supporter. 

Then you realise you also have a monster dwelling in your life, hating the people who pours love, admiration, support and kindness to you.

This monster is seething with envy, jealousy but cools it off with a fake smile mask under their stinky hypocrisy.

Around this monster you feel out of place, not yourself, your mind says I’m suppose to feel good. I must feel good. But your body screams, “get me outta here!!!”

Around your warm loving friends, you start to feel guilty, because in your mind, it says : this is bad, feeling love is bad, getting attention is bad, receiving love is bad. 

So your body gets controlled by an idea, that finds its way to you from the hypocrite monster attempting to ruin your life.

Your behaviour starts sabotaging your happiness.

Your behaviour is not under your own command.

Anytime anything good happens to you, you feel immediately guilty.

You start rejecting abundance, love, blessings and happiness.

You start embracing loneliness, misery, rejections, hates, and you keep expecting more bad things to happen unconsciously.

Your nervous system has been programmed to expect negative things in life.

The monster have hijacked your reactions to expect negativity continuously.

Hence why, you sabotage every happy feelings coming to you.

Hence why, you stopped smiling at strangers.

Hence why, you are fierceful with your plans and spend no time for yourself but all time pleasing people outside you.

This was especially good when the monster was still around.

The monster have successfully programmed you to feel really bad everytime something good happens to you.

And this is called projection.

This bad feelings is not yours at all.

It does exists, it just does not belong to you. 

I acknowledge all bad feelings that I cannot control which may linger in my presence now.

I say to all this bad feelings, you are a projection from a monster who denies their own misery. 

I say to this bad feelings now, excuse me, you are not in the right place. Go back to your own home. This isn’t where you belong.

At times monsters come close to us to hide their insecurities. They leave it there thinking we will start taking care of this monsters. But it begin to sabotage us and ruin us.

The monster thinks they can steal, rob, theft our good feelings, happiness, love and good qualities. All they can do is just to imitate. But they can never fully access our true power and authenticity. 

Now knowing that your happiness and expectations has been sabotaged.

Lets try to relearn expecting good things. Thinking good things. Loving good things. Smiling again. Feeling loved again. 

Can you feel any amount of guilt of being given love, blessings, abundance, celebration, happiness? 

We have to clear your heart from those toxic feelings and prepare a solid foundation of healthy soil so new good emotions can grow out of your current emotions.

When you are comfortable, healthy and feeling good in your own skin and self. You can confidently reach out to other people because you are fully in acceptance of your own skin, identity and self.

Does the thought of being liked, appreciated, loved, warmed up to, and embraced excites you now?

All this is because you have finally accepted yourself fully, no longer having to let your nervous system expect bad things to happen to you anymore.

See the miracle and magic of good things happening because you feel so good to receive love, be loved, taken care of by the Universe and appreciated, respected, honoured just by being authentically you. 

Deeply sink into your genuine self, feel the deep vast love of who you are.

Then shine. Shine with the glory of your inner childs happiness. 

Accept Love. Accept Warmth. Accept Abundance. Accept All Good Things Unconditionally.

Receive Love. Receive Warmth. Receive Abundance. Receive All Good Things Unconditionallly.

I receive all sorts of love for my highest good now and forever. 

I attract good things. Good feelings. Good people. Good business. Every single day.

I manifest goodness in my life every moment from now onwards.

I celebrate good people and good experiences! 

I walk away and say goodbye to monsters, trolls and zombies. 

I follow my clarity and intuition clearly. 

I will start to recognise negative behaviours and change them to become positive behaviours.

I program my nervous system to hook on to love vibes, safe vibes, happy vibes and strong faithful vibes. 

I am expecting love in every corner of my existence. I am intentionally wanting to give the same too!

I raise my vibrations to meet love in every opportunity. I raise my nervous systems expectations to faith and love.

I relax my body into love, safety, warmth and good moments. 

I unconsciously receive love, blessings, and abundance.

I subconsciously receive love, blessings, and abundance.

I consciously receive love, blessings and abundance.

It is fantastically safe for me to be loved, receive love and give love!

Because I am no longer affected by any monsters, trolls or zombies. I fully accept their incapability to feel love and I 100% forgive them for their disability. 

I am free to receive unconditional love from every corner of my life, universe and everywhere I seek, I will find love and love will find me. 

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Thank you so much


Meredith Mynrose

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