WisdomShare : Destroying Your Dreams

​Destroying Your Dreams Because Punishing You for Disobeying Their Commands

The Power to Destroy your dreams come from a fragment of your inner childs belief that you are responsible and deserve to be punished. Which all stemmed from a lie.

Have you ever felt nothing in your life is working?

That you cannot do anything you want and always be pulled back to square zero? Or worst keep manifesting negative obstacles?

“You dont have the power to destroy my dreams or desires because I am no longer tricked by your manipulation and lies.”

“You have no right to control my heart and my future”

“You have no right to dominate my soul and block my access to spirit”

The reason is, F A I T H

You, faith, 

Your faith is something magnificent that they cannot have or access

So they manipulate you to think highly of them. They rob the power of your mind and make you think they are worthy and good when they are not.

Your eternal connection to source hijacked by greedy fearful people who took control of your mind telling you to believe their false image lies and stop manifesting good thing for yourself. 

“You cannot destroy me anymore”

Because your true colors are shown.

You are weak, fearful, coward.

Basically I am amazed at giving so many chances to an idiot.

But because its family, you overlook idiot and put up with idiots.

You couldnt walk away from idiots, because you live with them. Your natural state become harmonised by putting up with idiots and you manifested stupid environment by having this past experiences.

You attracted stupid situations and idiotic circumstances until you learn to call them out.

You learn to discern.

You learn to refuse.

You learn to stop putting up with idiots.

You learn to walk away and change direction.

Because you learn to make good judgements. 

They stop you from thinking highly of yourself. They stole your self definition, success, emblems and steal your efforts, recognition, fame, popularity and good image.

Basically they steal your light.

An access to your faith is important to them. Its their sunlight and fuel.

Until you recognise this attachment to your source that is vampiric. You cannot remove them and it leeches your soul from its tentacles like a monster octopus.

Until you recognise the reasons you put up with their abuse or mistreatment or projection or connection. Until you recognise the belief system that sabotage your level of happiness and safety.

Making you feel bad is an access to destroy your dreams and desires.

How do they make you feel bad?

Bombarding you with negative reasons that is irrational and untrue. And repeating it until you cave in and blow a fuse so the access to your feelings is gained. 

Its like someone knows how valuable a bank is and know they can ambush the bank many times to break in and steal the cash.

Same like life only different value. 

Someone is crashing and bombarding your mind with negative reasons that is irrational and stupid until you cave in and feel bad about your decisions and boundaries. To guilt you into caving in and letting a virus belief leech onto your connection to your faith and spirit. 

When they manage to wash your brain into thinking you are guilty for refusing abuse or walking away from abuse. 

You begin a row of self punishing, self destructive phases in your life. You began manifesting problems, dissapointments, and failures. 

You are not in control of your belief because you have been targeted by people who are deeply angry and furious at you for having made a decision to disobey them, betray their secret(abuse), and… they didn’t have love in their bones. Just pure hate and agony. 

This hate and agony starts a massive lie. It starts to think about ways to make you suffer. It stalks your social media and pour so much hate over it. It follows you around and keep an eye on you. They want revenge. Their superficial image broken. They have been caught red handed. They have been told off by authority or police for their crimes.

It wish to spread gossip, lie and misinformation. Its attempting to lower your dignity, credibility, image and respect in society.


You began to be labelled as a failure, a loser, a misfit, an outcast because you stood up for what was right. 

This is a mind pattern targeted to you by a group of malicious individuals who are deeply angry, deeply insane, deeply dangerous. 

No matter what you do, you will fail and die. 

A group of evil people become a herd of demons. They use violence feelings and holds a grudge to destroy you.

To decapitate your hopes and to furious dissapoint you from living a life. 

You have no future.

You have no money.

You have no friends.

You have no home.

Basically, a very angry childish group of human beings wearing adult body but the mind of a angry kid is furious with you.

In their mind, its right for them to threaten to kill you and believe they have the right to destroy you. Because somehow when you say no to abuse, you rejected them.

And when you rejected them, you repulsed them. Their entitlement to your holy spirit, faith, emotions and good vibes is over.

Their image is over.

Their fake image is over.

Their life according to feeding off your kindness is over.

Their access to good feelings by trampling over you is over.

Their image of perfection blown over.

They are projecting that their life surrounded by your light, kindness is over. You were their lifeline because you were kind to them when they were rejected by so many people. Whoever could put up with their negativity and abuse. Only a person who are brainwashed to obey rude people because its tied to family or associations that are hugely base on political correctness. Proper way. 

Your life isnt over.

Your life cannot be destroyed.

Your life is not a mishap or a ray of misfortunate events.

This is all a portrayal of this peoples belief system which attacked you at your lowest point in life.

Your loyalty to your family, the people you love and admired cease to exist. The person you thought that cared and loved you. They are basically a huge lie.

Horrendous, ugly, poisonous lie.

Its a lie to think your life is destroyed.

Its a lie to think you will lose your life.

Its a lie to think and believe you dont matter and not important in this world. 

The lie that secretly guilt and punishes you to self sabotage all the good things in your life. Because someone from your past force you to believe you are dead, destroyed, worthless, huge failure, and doomed.

Isnt all this purely a projection from the person who you stood up and walk away from?

All this feelings are not yours.

All this feelings are true but it doesnt belong to you.

Acknowledge all this feelings. Feel it in your body and accept it.

Your body stops fighting with it and the body has an intelligence of its own.

The nervous system is intelligent.

The impulse is brilliant.

The body stops responding and reacting to the projections, negative frequencies and thought patterns. 

You will feel at ease. 

You will feel deeply safe.

You are not wrong.

You will feel all is right.

How long have you been unconsciously fighting this negative projections that wishes to destroy your desires, dreams, future and life?

Your nervous system is frazzled.

Your mind is tired.

Your heart stopped beating.

Your voice, so sad.

Its time to be happy again. 

Its time to love again.

Its time to reach joy again. 

When your mind is clear, you have a blue sky and a sun shining in your mind.

You can see life clearly and you can see the road you want to go towards.

When you have been attacked by negative people, your mind may go through a thunderstorm. An erratic wave and pattern of weather. You may stop feeling good about yourself.

Life can be traumatising sometimes. You stopped focusing in yourself and love the present moment. 

You stopped living, because you were hunted down by the past. Your future becomes dire as the feelings you felt try to rule your life.

You needed closure, a match to lit a fire to burn the bridge you stop wanting to let the past use to cross and reach to you.

Your inner child feels fear and you lost touch with your higher self and you feel stuck in your life unknown in what to do.

All this is a blessing in disguise, to challenge you to recognise your worth, power, voice and place in this world. Think of this as the universe promoting you in your life.

First, there is a test. 

This was your test.

Before you cross the last bridge to the life of your dreams.

With your wisdom, self love, recognition of your power to decide and choose.

You take deliberate action, and believe in your choices. 

You recognise your responsibilities.

You also recognise which isnt your responsibilities and let go of what you seriously cannot control.

You accept all the baits to make you feel bad.

You address them one by one and teach your inner child to choose love and faith, not fear persuading from your past masked in a form of a lie.

What if all the idiots you manifested in your life was unfinished business from your past.

That you needed to step into your power and ask or demand respect and walk away if you are diminished in any way. 

You finally dont believe in the negative projections.

You finally realise your past have no power to define your future, your dreams or your capability to achieve your desires.

You finally see, how terrible crude and low-class it is for certain people to feel entitled to control your hopes, future and dreams. Because they are bitter, grudging, and miserable that you no longer treat them like they matter. 

All this time, they have been drilling holes in your boat. Sinking your boat and jumping onto another boat and leave you by yourself.

There is always people who brings destruction and disaster no matter where they go. Because the content of their soul is a black matter. Incapable to care, love, nourish and have good spirits. 

They sabotage your self belief.

So: Do you believe after all is shared that you deserve to be destroyed, killed, punished for having self respect, self love and dignity?

I believe in my future.

I believe in my current state of presence.

I believe in myself.

I believe in my success.

I am not responsible for the toxic peoples devastation, desperation and negative beliefs and feelings. 

I accept they think, feel and believe that way.

BUT, it does not define me in any way.

They make their choices.

I make mine.

I am free to build my dreams with no fear that it can ever be destroyed. Because I dont invest any ounce of energy into the toxic people anymore. They manifest their own demise.

I left them because it was the right thing to do.

I stood up to them because I love myself.

I shan’t carry any more rubbish feelings that sabotage me in achieving my dreams, desires and future. 

I forgive them all and accept them unconditionally for who they are, with the intelligence that they have every right to be exactly who they are in their spiritual journey.

Love doesnt mean taking other peoples baggages.

Love means respecting and honouring the spiritual decision one has to make in order to achieve inner peace and harmony. 

I release all this emotional baggages back to their respective owners. And send them blessings and love.

For I have learn my true lesson. 

I take the power of creating and destroying my future, dreams and desires into my higher self. 

My inner child understood and fathom that the power of creating and building my future does not lie in other peoples emotions or thoughts or belief system.

It only lies in my own emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. 

My higher self is fully in charge of painting my present and future. My inner child consistently address my higher self on what is true and false.

I am consistently building positive bridges into this universe.

I release self sabotaging patterns base on external opinions, belief system and negative vibes and frequencies from jealous haters.

I acquire new thought forms and habits where I continuously receive love, manifest love, opportunity to share love with people who greatly loves me. 

My inner child is under my wings of love.

My higher self always looks after my inner child.

I always believe in me and what I love to invite more of in the world.

My dream life is just beginning. The hard part is over. I embrace love every moment of my being now. 

I love myself and I believe in myself. That is greatly enough for me to create my dream life a  reality. 

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Meredith Mynrose

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