Wisdomshare : As Long As You Have Pure Intentions

Hi everyone

I am sharing with you a lesson I learn this week in hopes that it does resonate and help you see a bigger picture of what your life is worth

No One Can Define Who You Are

No Matter what happened to you in your past. No external force can define or lower down your self worth, dignity or personal power. How other people mistreat or abuse you have no place in defining who you are. Until the individual themselves becomes highly attuned to how they can shift their perspectives and direct it to their natural connection to the universe and source. Nothing can makeup your template and identity and no harm can be done upon your universal blueprint of unique self. So start replacing all the old dogmatic beliefs with your loving new belief. Redefine your own past and how you want to take the reigns in your perspective and personal power. Dont let other peoples cruelty define your freedom and happiness.

The Voice That Makes You Feel Small

When I was walking to Starbucks to get my coffee, there was a voice telling me I cannot afford it. This voice is trying to diminish my power and self worth to do something that makes me happy and content. Have you ever felt that way? When you aim to do something pleasurable and suddenly a thought cross your mind and stops you from feeling good. This voice is just the collective conscious that comes from a blackhole of nonsense. Reasons why you shouldnt do something that makes you happy. One way of knowing where it came from would probably be recognising at one point of your life, your trust was broken by toxic person who lingered in your aura way too much that their negative voice PA system controls your subconscious mind and sabotages the little bits of your happiness. 

I urge you to start recognising the voices you hear in your mind that talks over your true voice from your heart and control the volume of this intruding negative voices by smiting them with your reasons of truth, deep self love and strong belief of your healthy self worth. So I said to the voice who told me I cannot afford a $2 coffee, hey, My job is unique, special and incredible. Not everyone within a 300 mile radius is a Universal Healer who goes deep into collective spiritual hell and come out the other side with Ability to liberate, rescue and revive broken souls and spirits. My job is more like a Brain Surgeon level. Theres very few brain surgeon in each city, same like my ability to universally heal a soul. So I snapped the small voice from controlling small things that makes me happy. You can learn that too and learn to respond with power of your truth and authenticity.

Getting the Results & Success that you crave

Since the title of this message is As Long As Your Intentions Are Pure I am going to add to it.

As Long As Your Intentions are PureThere is NoReason to Fear. Sometimes we get stuck in doubt because we cannot hold on to our reason of the intention we carry in order to take certain action. We cannot make a decision because we are clouded by reasons stopping us from taking those actions that will push us closer to our success and the results we desire. 

In this case, we need to know we are not in control of all the reasons of why we cannot do certain things in this world. Because that is simply just madness. So let me guide you back to your heart so that you can feel again why do you want to do that thing you wanted to do. The reason you hold on to a certain desire. Travel the world, participating in a choir, joining the gym, holding a meetup group, or starting a specific business. 

We get so scared of taking action and we cant make a single decision because the voice of reason is clouded with thoughts of other people, judgements, what will other people think, how will other people feel. Let me say this to you. You can keep waiting for everyone to feel comfortable and happy for your choices and validate and approve your desire or dreams. But lastly, you are more intune to other peoples pleasant feelings and happiness that you stopped prioritizing your own single desires in life that you behave in a way that promotes pleasing others above yourself that made you begin to feel smaller and smaller everyday because you stopped putting your own needs, and desires first. And then you start to struggle, because you care so much what other people may think, that you stopped caring for your needs and how to make yourself feel happy and satisfied.

You are walking on eggshells in your own life and scared to feel the expansive feeling of satisfying glory of pursuing your desires and dreams in life!

You really deserve what you want in your own life!

You are waiting for someone to validate and approve your dreams and desires. You are waiting for someone to give you permission. You are waiting for someone to recognise your unique talents, strengths and contributions to society. But yet, you are still hiding, scared of what other people may think if you are too strange, too weird, too special that people cannot fathom, understand you. You are freaking your pants off with fear of rejection. You are scared people will tell you that you are not good enough, your dreams are crazy or you should just give up and be just like everybody. 

You are exhausted of of explaining why you are doing what you are doing and responding to all the people who doubt you. 

So here goes. As long as your intention is pure, you have nothing to fear. Please hear me when I say, everyone is born with a specific heart and soul that is highly unique in each owns way. There is enough abundance, love, audience, clients to go around to supply to all the demands by the world. Your desires, was bloomed by your pure intention. True desires are always connected to a space of purity. Connected to your inner childs unique and genuine expression of where would you serve in this area of life in the world and society you live in. 

You can get scared of rejection. You can get scared of naysayers. You can get scared of getting the wrong audience or stalkers. But at the end of the day, do they hold value for you. Are they important to you? If they have nothing to offer you but bad feelings and negativity, why will you make a space in your mind for it? So I want you to reject that and make a space to expect only positive light connected to your desires.

What is more important to you

Focus on your blessings. Focus on the people who appreciates you. Focus on the people who love your presence. Focus on people who respects and admires you. You are expecting love and you are making space in your mind to experience a lot of love when you do what you desire and you give from your heart.

Pure intention is giving from your heart. You are doing something from love because you believe in the goodness that it will create for others and yourself. Your highest intention and agenda is to be a bridge for love in the world. To see people feel good, smile, satisfied and lead a life of quality. 

You can start to focus on your hearts intention. By holding on to the list of reasons and memories and experiences. Of why you are good enough, why your desires create a positive change in the society, why your business or passion is an offer of love.

Begin by validating and approving your desires and needs. Begin by giving yourself the permission to be larger than life and happy. Recognise your own talents, strengths, and the opportunity to provide love to your society just by being yourself and accepting yourself unconditionally. Be in the power of your best self. The reason you are ready to rock this world with your unique gifts. Why? The reason that you unconditionally accept yourself no matter who stands before you to doubt you. And learn to push them away and recognise whats more important. I can tell you many stories of people stepping in front of my path and saying they doubt me. Its not my problem. Its their doubt. I dont need to satisfy their doubt. Nor do you. You dont have to and are not responsible to pleade other peoples doubts at all. If they are ready to accept you unconditionally kudos to them. For you, focus on your intentions, reasons and desires and take action. Now.

Conquer your reasons and hold them high up like a Trophy you have won and granted by the Universe. Your life experiences, memories, triumphs and setbacks have moulded you to be this significant unique human and individual. 

Why am I alive?

What is my purpose in this world?

What makes me happy and blissfull?

As long as you know why you are doing what you are doing, and your own reasons are in your vision and focus. You drive your own willpower to take actions that matches your reasons. You do the desired actions to attain the desired results. 

The only reason and intention you can control and are in charge of in life is just your own. Focus on your own reason. Focus on your own intention. All the noises of doubts, naysayers and hopeless people is not your responsibility.

You cannot afford to explain why to every single voice that wants to prove you cannot make it in life. Because they are just voices that wants to drown your self belief and self love. 

If you love yourself deeply. Believe in yourself. Your desires. And your self worth. Believe only in your own reasons and take action without fear. There is no fear in validating your happiness, desire, purpose and longing to love the world your own way. There are people waiting to benefit from seeing you step into your full power and full hapiness. I want you to find the reason that will make you step deeper into your authenticity and into your big beautiful hearts.

There is no fear in accepting all of who you are now. Unconditionally loving yourself deeply now. You are born in the image and reflection of the vast universe. With your access to your hearts you can create a wonderful universe of your own in this precious lives we live. Talking to you now in this email is a pure miracle. You personally know how far I have come in my journey in youtube with all the drama and stories of my past. I am here. I am alive. I have opportunity to keep building love between human hearts on this earth. So I will do just that. 

Focus on your reasons.

Focus on your desires.

Focus on your intentions.

Focus on your desired results.

What outcome do you want from your actions.

What actions do you fear taking when you listen to external reasons.

What actions do you love taking after you hear and focus only in your own reasons.

Expecting to receive love, making space to feel love, feeling worthy to be given love.

How would you feel if your desires come true.

How would you feel if your intentions meet your desired result?

It feels like magic and fireworks in the sky.

It feels like excitement brewing and bubbling in your heart.

Go get the results and success that you crave.

No one can stop you now that you focus in your own reasons and happiness of why you want what you want. 

Everything else move aside. You make space in your high vibes only for those that you value who values you too.

Focus on your blessings and people who give you what you expect to receive. 

Which is purely πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“   L O V E   πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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