Services Price Revision May 2017

Happy to let you know that there is a Price Revision for International Skype Call Sessions

Tarot & Psychic Reading USD72 1 Hr Session

Mediumship & Channeling USD96 1 Hr Session

Past Life Reading USD96 1 Hr Session

Aura Chakra Reading & Healing USD127 1 Hr Session

Universal Healing USD180 1 Hr Session

Universal Healing is a Holistic Consultation that focuses on the well-being of your mind, emotions and spirit.

We focus on healing deep childhood trauma, broken boundaries and the affects of the evil eye. We guide you to clear negative perspectives and assist you in holding positive reinforcement of your state of mental health and emotional well-being. We also focus on healing broken hearts or past failures in connection to toxic relationships with narcissists or sociopath, types of people who range in social disorder personalities.

Our aim is to provide a service to the public who seeks closure in their life experience so they may attain inner peace and ability to focus on living their life up to their highest potential. We guide you into the light of your best peaceful self.

We are committed to have our business accessible to those who needs different type of holistic healing services. Hence we reduce the services base on the energy intensity used on each session.

For even deeper intensity session we do Negative Entity Removal, and Spiritual Rescue sessions base on Universal Healing first consultations.

This price revision begins 12th of May and to last til 31/12/2017 or until further notice.

You are welcome to book an appointment through email Booking an appointment with a time converter due to international location differences.

We offer crystal gemstone products, holistic soap and oils for healing as well as custom healing jewelry.

Our meetup group is open for talks and workshops at

Thank you for your support
Have a pleasant day

Meredith Mynrose
Founder & CEO

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