Hey EVERYBODY! Guess what 🙂
Does it appear to you that work can sometimes take the back seat and wait?
I think my priorities about work has been just extremely reframed my entire life. You see, I am a healer, a unique at that. But I am so obsessed with the truth and answers, that it took all of my focus, attention, drive and my entire heart. I began to literally let self care go back in the bottom of my priority list. As I began finishing my last few touches of my work, projects, etcs many more to name. I started recognising how I act and behave in college when I am doing a final year project in the last 1 week of the due date. At that time, I barely made it, slept in the train to college and just apparently in shambles. But I do my work. My entire self was distraught, but I carried a beautiful work so it seems. I think this is a pattern in life for me. We get so carried away with what we have to do, that seems like a lifeline that it turned to be giving our life up for that thing only.
We get carried away with an idea! And then we let that idea rule us. Rule our lives, our relationships, our self care, our homes, our individuality and we start to lose ourself, what we care about, what we love into that one idea, that was first formed base on healthy desire, healthy wants, and what we call passion and dreams.
We gave it our all. We gave that one idea, our all. We sacrificed all we have, to see that the idea comes alive. We began to sense it further, leaving us. Then, we began to keep chasing it, and putting other priorities lower in the list. We began to revolve all of our energies, priorities, attention into that idea. We are consumed by that idea and work that we cannot literally get away from it. We are forced now, and so committed to keep at it, no matter what we do.
Now- We are Gridlocked into that Idea as it fully consumes our relationships, our security, our finances, our self care, our loved ones, our other priorities in life that perhaps should have remained top priorities. We are now pregnant in our mind with the idea removing all what we also care about, pushing it aside. We are domesticating that idea that was wild, untamed, ruthless, chasing it to the ground. Anchoring that Idea, that Dream, or that Job, that Work. But truly, the way we have been acting is stemming from our childhood patterns. Good things doesn’t last. So we need to squeeze all drip of goodness out of it. We need to keep working hard. We need to hold it so tight. The ideas and the next ideas, and another next idea will leave if we don’t keep working, writing, jotting notes down.
An Idle Mind is the Devils Workshop. The thing is, your mind is not idle, but its filled with so much things to do, that you cannot keep track of your personal responsibilities to yourself nor can you complete anything that you personally initiated. Your mind has been turn and twisted into a merry go round wheel and you lost track of where you were in the first place. Where you first began that beautiful idea that YES, I Can DO IT!
When we lose track of our ability to perceive the consequences of our ideas, and our ultimate action. We start to push away the things we use to be able to do easily, and start working hard to do something we think we must do. After not recognizing this phase of our life taking over our friendships, relationships, family, hobbies, personal care, interest, we are stopped at a halt with a big signboard in our forehead and we just have to say. STOP IT!
We just refuse to be ruled by our mind, needing to do every small task, but never completing anything, or able to finish or end our projects. We think highly of our beliefs, dreams and goals, but as soon as its about to really set sail, something distracts you to the next pretty thing. Commitment is like a Fancy word we use to admire that we do have capability to give it our all. But we didn’t realise that commitment was such a palpable word. So close, but you have to keep chasing it and keep being distracted to never accomplishing it. One day you just sit yourself down and say. What’s the matter? What is going on? Why can’t I finish any of my projects?
Our definition of SUCCESS has been literally forged by our ancestors, and parents mentoring base on “survival”, “fears”, and “constant search for the next best thing”.
What if we could Start Reframing the Idea. Change the Frame, Change the Script, Change the Roles we play in that Vision we Hold in our Mind as merely “IDEAS” we have been chasing into the edge of “INSANITY”.
The Frame : How do you Capture This Idea? Are you sure the Idea is not Capturing you Instead?
The Script : Who is voicing the script? Are you sure it is your voice? And not the voices of other people’s fears, conditions, beliefs and negativity?
The Roles : Instead of Putting so much focus on that Idea, have you lost a sense of your own SELF? The True Star of the IDEA. Created by “YOU”.
An Idea without a connecting neuron or impulses to our heart of feelings, can be damn BRUTAL to our self care. We start to lose ability to take care of our homes, our selves, our relationships and our contribution to society, as we begin to over-commit ourselves to our dreams, our ideas and our beliefs that we must do it. That WORK CANNOT WAIT.
Today I urge you, to start recognizing when WORK CAN WAIT. And when your self care COMES FIRST. That relationship with your surrounding, your present moment, your self care, your relationship with loved ones, your personal sanity and inner peace comes first. That SACRIFICE, is NOT REQUIRED.
Each of your Ideas, Dreams, and Goals, should not be CASTED in FEAR. That you need to SACRIFICE to reach its COMPLETION.
Instead, come back to the center of your heart and let your heart lead you to next moment in peace, in harmony and in gentle flow.
There is TWO THINGS you can Take from here.
1# It is not the end of the world, if you silence your minds distractions
2# Limbo of fear, makes you scurry and chase your dreams and making you reach no where near your destination.
The Answers I want you to keep in your HEART is.
1# It is MORE THAN OK, to take care of your PERSONAL NEEDS First and PUT WORK, on the SIDE and Control how the ENERGY Influence you.
Your Mind can be tamed and be a space of heaven on earth, which is removing the weeds of fear, old childhood patterns, negative subconscious beliefs and simply is under your full control.
2# It is SAFE TO BE SUCCESSFUL. That the fear of rewards being taken away from you, because you are not good enough, is only the silent fear of the void of faith and love whispering to tell you, to keep chasing and to keep allowing fear to control your mind.
So, I want you ladies to : #WORKCANWAIT and just feel relieved that the world is not going to end if you put self care, and personal relationships above WORK. As you feed and nurture your heart and soul, your FUTURE is STEADY and SAFE.
Tame your Ideas and Anchor your Energy into LOVING FEELINGS.
YOUR PRIORITY IS TO TREASURE YOUR HEART ❤ Do not let the Idea of your Ambition distraught your Heart’s True Feelings ❤
You can Be your own Queen of Hearts ❤ 🙂
Sending Love to ALL OF YOU!
Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer, Life Coach & Peace Visionary

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