Energy Vampires : They don’t suck your blood, They suck your Aura

I was just having this goof off with some demons and negative entities.

I was saying to them, sure you are right. I am absolutely fantastically enjoying volunteering giving my good vibes to you. Like how you did just now when my client emails me about you. Yeah- you are damn right to say that.

Recently I just made a video and at the end of the video we concluded that we have to learn to mock evil and make fun of it. Because they win when we fear them. So I started using my choice of weapon in sarcasm, humor, and pathetic responses.

The entire week, since Monday for me until just midnight in Sunday now has been a case of a lot of client just opening a conversation about exorcism, negative entities, dreams with people impersonating me, and I have been healing so much evil eye and black magic this week, that everything does makes sense on why this week is triggering so much darkness to come out.

The Equinox shifting of the season from Winter to Spring, The Darkness into Light was just 6 days ago. Its like the Universe actually fumigating, spraying this pest control air into deep dark corners of human consciousness and black magic is being revealed, or old ancestral bonds are breaking and confronted, the demons, negative entities, old ancestral karmic ties with old flames or old curses, is now able to be lifted out from its hiding and get some damn closures.

So – the season is here where goodness will be reviving again. The soul that suffers for decades or aeons to those who believes in reincarnation, can start to see the wheel spinning in the direction of their favors.

Its going to be officially 3 years I have been locked up in here like a Rapunzel in a Tower, not on purpose, never was on my agenda or calendar to uncover this line of evil networks of the cabals, the illuminati’s, the sociopath agenda, the narcissists and psychopaths hiding in climate of humanity.

I’ve used 1/2 of the 3 years obsessed with finding answers and truth about how to get out of this war in my mind and soul that I never participated willingly. It was left onto me, by those who saw me bright and on fiery faith doing the things I love, which was healing and speaking about peace. So might as well say that I was shot by an evil eye, by the closest people whom are now no longer exist in my life. By choice definitely.

This Energy vampires are People who have deep connection to a Dark Side that they either chose to allow to be in control, or unaware that it is controlling them. They are called Narcissists, Sociopath and Psychopaths, or Cluster B Individuals. People who have no Empathy or Moral Compass neither do they have an access to using their Turned Off Conscience.

My affirmation this week is to recognise that you should not have mercy for evil.
Evil loves to play victim, when they are the ones causing the tragedy, trauma, and tribulations in other people’s life. They ploy on your pity, sympathy and empathy. Hence, the entire week I have been practicing, No Mercy for Evil. I use my shadow side that funny enough, have been turned off until Monday, 6 days ago. When a random office clerk decided to catch me off guard and told me to be quiet when I wasn’t even saying anything. Hence, I with all my might and pride, snapped a fuse in my mind, despite the subconscious mind screaming, “Don’t respond! You will shame yourself!” and my heart said to the mind, “I have the right to defend my dignity and free spirit!”

So I raise my graceful soft crispy voice to lay out several facts toward the dumbest idiot I have ever met who thinks he can disrespect me. In this country, Malaysia, I call it the Malay Man Ego, in Malay, its Berlagak, Tapi Bodoh dan Biadap. So in English it means, So Proud of Yourself, but You are Stupid and Rude. These people are people who attacks the good in others especially when they can sense warmth in others, empathy and kindness. He may have taught he could get away with demeaning me by saying word such as be quiet. But I gave him a mouthful of facts and laid down the information he needs base on truth. It was effortless, it was easy, it was harmonious for me to stand up for myself and refuse other evil patriarch to oppress my freedom to be at peace.

One realization I had, was that standing up for myself rather than holding my anger back and keeping quiet grimacing with fury as I have done with other events where man, woman or people may have step over my boundaries, and toes were dismissed. This turn, I felt myself shine so bright that I left that place and I felt like I was glowing. I felt warm in a good way, I shielded my energy when I refuse to let other people’s energy make me lower who I was being. I am 100% certain that my action was truly rewarded on my integrity. I stood up for my personal justice when I was disrespected.

Energy Vampires they catch Empathetic people off guard, and they provoke them, then they play victim. In order to confuse the witness surrounding them, and to take the power from the real victim. They create co-dependency or false image to obtain an exterior of innocence. That is why they need to provoke and play victim. You can see this with all the other people who are narcissistic or sociopaths. They like to trigger fights, trigger blames, trigger emotional drama. The emotions that were triggered is like, punching holes in gas tank and putting a big pail to collect the gas.

This people needs a negative weak respond from you. The difference between me before and me now, the me before being I was recovering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The me now, who have researched in mastering my own mind and heart. I have understand that the way I respond to the office clerk was not negative respond as he had anticipated. I took my quick reflex system to recognize, his put down methods to aggravate me. I have turn the tables around, to show that I am the powerful one and not him. That I will not dismiss disrespect in order to be seen as good Samaritan who forgives other people’s rude behaviour. I went all in with my version of defending my honor and self respect. I did not hold any ounce of doubt back to showcase that nobody is ever allowed to show me any form of disrespect.

One of the mental notes I put on the post-it on my computer screen is, “Embrace Your Negative Response” and this happened over a week ago before Equinox and Monday Drama.

Giving myself the permission and reminder to realise that negative response have a purpose and its main purpose is to shield your positive values  and positive emotions when its being harmed or distorted. Negative Response that is Natural acts as a Firm Assertive Strong Boundaries to Reject Intrusive behaviour that will provoke your state of Inner Peace.

Energy Vampires, likes to lie. They have to lie, because that is the only way your mind will be tricked and get you to keep trusting being comfortable enough to be yourself and open to an emotional predator. Controlling your mind and the way you see them, keep controlling the way you believe about them, by already making you accept who they are not as the first form of conversation, its already asserting a conflict in your mind when they behave opposite to what they say about themselves. So your mind will be in conflict with your heart feeling odd, and queasy and uncertain and unsettled about this person being present in your personal space.

So the way to go about with dealing with Energy Vampires, is to know, that they are attracted to you, they see you as a good supply to feed their dark empty souls. The dangerous factor about them is that they will be competing for some things you have, without you even knowing about it. They will brainwash, train you, groom you, condition you to be their pet. They may lovebomb, put you on a pedestal, pamper you, and listen to you forever, and devote their entire passion towards you. But they do it with a price. They will make you do the same for them, but, they will force you to do it despite you not wanting to, they will guilt you, frame you, manipulate you, and hook and bait you to sabotage everything about your own will and give your complete all to them. This is the most hazardous bit.

You start to lose who you are, and have no boundaries, and have no mind of your own. Because your boundaries are now just mists and fogs, your mind the same vast space of nothingness waiting to be told or given permission what is alright to do and how is alright to be or behave, you are at mercy of their command or demands. This is the extreme kind, some people are lucky to scan the red flags before things gotten worst.

3 years of being here, in this Mynrose Studio in Kuala Lumpur, after returning from the Event I spoke at in London. I have accomplished so much, survived so much and have so much to share in terms of answers, wisdom and information on how to deal with Energy Vampires, Narcissists, Sociopaths & Psychopaths and How to Re-Ignite your Broken Spirit and Achieve Inner Peace.

Embrace Your Negative Response, hold it tight like a Life Ring, don’t doubt your emotion one bit, over the suggestion or words left in your mind about any situation. Protect and defend your memories and knowledge and your heart knows exactly what is wrong. The Energy vampire needs to program your mind to refuse the truth, so they will consistently tell you the opposite of how you feel. In order to win and confuse you and distort your reality and leave you fazed and mental carcass vulnerable to other people’s abuse. Your mind left unshield and your heart will be easily robbed of its treasures and energies of your faith, spirit and empathy.

Your Heart in a healthy mood creates a strong healthy Aura around you. When your emotions is affected, your aura is decreased in size, energy and vibrant colors. Energy Vampires are attracted to Colorful, Bright, Spirited people. Don’t doubt your first emotional gut impression of anyone, sense with your gut and feelings, wether you can naturally open yourself to trust certain people who comes near you in life, or you feel very forced to close and shut your feelings away from this people. Because the most desperate or cunning Energy Vampires, will sweep you off your feet, or have the patience of a predator to pounce only when you are weak, and they will be around you letting you know they are watching you but not making contact until you are so defenseless that its so easy for them to make you a supply for the dark soul.

Be wise, learn how to shield yourself by increasing your personal awareness. You may have bright souls, a passion to share with the world, a dream you are working on. You should also consider to build a strong fort aka boundaries, to only allow pure hearted people and people with good empathy and good conscience to have entry to your sacred life on earth.

About the goof off I did with the Negative Entities, and Demons or Energy Vampires, I know that my Energy is now very poisonous to them because I know how to defend my light from extortion or manipulation and an ongoing journey.

Learn to shield your inner light (emotions), and it will be hard for them to target you, as you know how to defend yourself against this Energy Vampire’s manipulations.

Sending you A blast of light and loving blessings to all of you here.

Thank you for reading, if you would like to know more about my services for training, click this link.

For now, have a wonderful New Moon in Aries and a Great Week Ahead!

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer

Feel free to leave a comment or email me at meredithmynrose (at)

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