The Power Of Your Self-Belief

“Do Not Believe In Yourself, But Believe In Me,” Childhood Gaslighting & Sociopath Surrounding


The topic of today is Self Belief but more importantly what hides behind it is all about Self-Doubt.

Self Doubt is simply deprecating, and diminishing one’s divine potential. The beauty and progress of ones ability to blossom, grow as a healthy individual, intoxicated by a surrounding that doesn’t cultivate confidence, inner trust, and embrace personal truth, individual thoughts and emotional feelings.

To create personal confidence and to have it re-torn down by a negative and toxic environment is a very fastidious experience.

To have a permanent and everlasting authentic identity that reveals personal confidence, self belief, strong charisma and bullet proof character, one must have gone through many personal ordeals and subject of many gossip, criticism, judgement and vendetta against many jealous and insecure individuals in the common surrounding.

If you are one of many children’s that grew up in a surrounding of narcissistic parenting and psychological abuse, becoming an adult and finding your inner voice, taking a stand in your decision and power, expressing your true version of self and life must be a hard thing to do when your inner child may still carry the baggage of people pleasing syndrome, feeling the weight of other peoples judgement over your own individual happiness. You are prone to believing and giving faith and trust easily to other people labeling you as a naive individual with a good heart.

Commonly empaths, a term of very compassionate individuals who are able to generally feel other people’s emotions strongly over their own, have this dilemma when they are misconstrued to believe in other people’s feelings above their own, making them unable to make personal judgement over their intuitive gut instincts and pleasing people around them endlessly.

The power of our personal beliefs has been channeled externally to give it away rather than hold it within our own selves. We were not permitted to believe in ourselves, but rather to give the power of our belief to other people who may not have our best in their hearts and mind. This can come from parents who are self-serving, childish, and selfish to their own agenda, superficial reasons, and how they were raised in a chain of egoistical family dynamics where obeying instruction of an elder is forced on the children raised under the roof of any narcissistic parenting.

As you grow older into an adult, you carry yourself and merge into society as an extension part of your family you were raised in. You carry similar reaction, response, attraction dynamics to your “norm” culture, vibes, surrounding as your family. It is un-appalling that you will vibrate and attract a surrounding that depicts your childhood dynamics, roles in your life platform that assemblages familiar ground with your status in your family. “The Scapegoat”. Only after you open your eyes to become aware of this dynamics, you began to choose consciously to change your role and see the power of your existence and presence can shift and you may be able to start responding and reacting different to the surrounding you find yourself as an adult in a society setting and environment. Making you be alert and aware, whenever the surrounding is imitating the childhood dynamics of oppressing your voice, controlling your decisions, masking your intention, and distorting your truth and identity.

Your Automatic Reaction to your surrounding can be observed whenever you feel your power is given away freely and unconsciously. When you can observe your external reality, and what is going on within you, in the matter of thoughts, emotions, personal beliefs and the value you carry, you can then Actively Respond to the world outside of you through a string of projections. The projections of your own independent individual thoughts, the awareness of your own feelings, the beliefs you hold, and the values you believe you carry and choose to own.

What if this entire Universe is a Blank Marble to be sculpted by your personal and chosen beliefs, will you have easily give this power away to the individuals who surrounds you making any sort of belief they have over you, your life, your future and your purpose. Your Internal Projections – Choices of Personal Beliefs, Individual Thoughts,  Emotional Experience, Life Principal, Values you choose to Own, are the stepping stone to create a path onto the next moment of your life.

When you take the power of your personal believe, to put that faith, this belief you have been giving to the people around you, towards yourself, you are nourishing your own internal light, and taking the step towards the next moment with a spark of light, hope, personal dream and desire to conquer the way life moulds for you.

You create your own life experiences, when you choose to put the belief you been giving to other people, towards your own self. Towards you. Into you.

If you had the choice to create a life of your own. Would you take this opportunity to start shifting your beliefs. Especially your subconscious beliefs that has been automatically programmed for you by the surrounding of your less nurturing childhood into a nourishing subconscious beliefs into your adult life experience.

Take the power of your Personal and Self Beliefs, by acknowledging and being aware, of the inner voice that is speaking to you. I believe in myself, I believe in what I can do. I believe in my own willpower to make life as I desire and dream. I will not easily give the power of belief to the people who surrounds me, I will continuously reflect in my personal emotion, intuition and inner voice, to be discerning of feeling my own truth, and having my own opinions of life, I will not be naive to simply believe other people despite having a good natured heart. I can have a good natured heart, but I can also be aware of the intentions people have when they offer me any unsolicited advice, ideas, remarks, comments and I will withold the affects of others have over influencing my personal beliefs and my self belief. I am capable of doing anything if I believe I can. The power of my purpose and action lies solely within my free will and will power to act on it, without the heavy negative judgements of other people in my surroundings who believe otherwise.

It is a natural, seemingly toxic common society way of competing, aggressively on being the best or tearing other people’s strengths down especially if they do not have or own the skillset, talents, radiance or charm and beauty that other people own.

When you have a dream, that is in other people’s eyes utterly unreachable, they will say “You are crazy, you will never get there,” This individual is not responsible to carry out your purpose and dream, to them, it is impossible, so they express their truth where they stand, the limitations of their potential and self belief.

When you have achieved something great in another country and return home to offer the same skillset, there will be Narcissistic Individuals who may try to curb and control your popularity by telling you this words when they have nothing good to say, they say, “You are not enough,” without explaining the reasons why. These individuals may say this words, because they are expressing their own set of fear, setbacks, and limited beliefs that they were not good enough to appreciate your skillset, passion, and drive to deliver your joy to the world.

When you feel like everyone around you think that you are a failure, and you just hear a silence of unapproval, the quiet sound of rejection, the decibel in the air that shows no excitement over your dreams, goals, ambitions and purpose. You must realise that the people you are encircled by are people who do not believe in themselves or their own dreams. Do not let them hinder you from believing in yourself. Calculate your past achievements, your present goals that you still strive for and the ones you are consistently building even if through the hum of your heart in silence wheeling towards your passion and goals. You take this actions without having the need to prove, tell, show to anyone because this is you, believing in yourself. Knowing you can do what you desire, with the freedom of your own will power to act on your beliefs.

You end up listening to yourself, and believing in yourself, and being your own inner cheerleader, to root for yourself, to applause in each small task you complete, to motivate, inspire, and cheer for your dreams. Soon enough, when you keep believing in yourself, and know who doesn’t input cheer, applause, support in your dreams, you will perhaps be surrounded by your own aura, silence, and awareness. Keep your awareness, silence, and aura filled with golden vibes of faith, hope, good vibes that keeps you going til you take the next step that connects you to individuals of the same focus, drive, dream and goals. People who believe in themselves, without having to deter another person’s dreams.

You finally took control of your own beliefs, and choice-fully control who has influence over your self belief. The naivety streak, people pleasing syndrome, sociopath and narcissistic attraction, the automatic giving of your power in believing in others from your childhood becomes upgraded into conscious awaken individuals empowered by clarity of your ability to sculpt, mould, build a life from your choice of beliefs, uninfluenced by the naysayers of your surrounding or competitive society.

Whenever a voice pops up in the air like a text message from an unknown sender saying that “you are not enough”, “you are crazy”, and any words fill in the blanks “you are _____”, all you can say to yourself is “I believe in myself, and I don’t have to believe in this static comments who has no valuable input to help me grow. You become immune to the negative naysayers and negative influences trying to rain on your parade, block your enthusiasm in life, shut your excitement down, and steal your thunder, glory and joy.

You can say “I believe in myself no matter what other people believe, say, or think,” and “I know I am capable to achieve my dreams, no matter how hard people say or believe, I will not quit and I will continue this journey to achieve my dreams, as I believe in my passion, my unique abilities to spread warmth, joy, and service to this world,”

When people are threatened by your faith, dreams and passion, they will dissuade you by pouring doubt into your path of life, so it is in your power to refuse to take this fear and doubt by other negative non-dreamers, and keep your path clear from negative influence. Be your best moral supporter, inner cheerleader, and go believe in yourself and keep your mind clear from any negative influences and keep pouring positivity into your life journey, projecting your own beliefs, values, dreams and goals in your life.

You may have been groomed to give your power of self belief away as a child, but as an adult, you have the choice to take this power back and believe in yourself no matter how many people in your life in your past may have tried to drag you down with their doubts. The only voice that can empower your will to believe in yourself is yours. Use this voice within you to carve a path and sculpt this unique presence in your life in this universe from the pure words of creation you speak for your own self.

We are programmed to believe more in others as a child rather than ourselves. From your awareness now, cultivate this habit to keep believing in yourself over others as an independent evolving soul individuals on this earth. I believe in myself, I have faith in me, I can do it!

Bright blissful blessings
Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer

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