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Underneath Grief is also Regret that you put Hope and Faith in someone and its broken and betrayed. So you unconsciously regret having hope and faith in people. And in turn when repetitively having your hopes broken, faith crushed you painted a general misconception of the world and life you live in. Your perception is that the world and the people around you is filled with darkness and soulless humans who have no compassion or love. What you are going through is a phase of the dark night of the soul. To declutter your past belief systems that are triggered by attracting people who carry the same toxic baggage as your past. 

We are talking about Meeting Sociopaths, Narcissists and Psychopaths. Toxic Friends, Toxic Family and Toxic Lovers. These toxic relationships stems from your upbringing and how your subconscious mind is cultivated from your childhood surrounding. 

The Grief you carried can be a chain of subconscious and unconscious experiences, memories and feelings turning on into a domino effect that will burst when the reality finally matches the toxic vibrational belief in your core. When this trauma hits you, it can be death of a love one, loss, divorce, heart breaks, broken words and promises and many upsetting dissappointment that link to a root experience of unfaced emotions that had reached its limit and now you will be faced with the emotional experience that cannot be ignored and cannot be suppressed. Your emotions burst into tears and wails of sobbing grief. 

Have you tended your sadness this would not have burst but how were you to realise if all your life as a child you were taught to ignore your sadness and stuff it down and suppress them. In our world where childrens may be forced to ignore their sadness to please toxic parents insecurity. These childrens grow up to become people pleasers that became toxic to them as an Adult with behaviour complexities that traps them in fear, negative patterns and weak attitude that disables them to act, be who they truly are freely and authentically. The agenda here is this childrens become Emotional Slaves to other peoples Ego.
These adults that behave subconsciously to attract what they know, which is relationships similar to their connection to their Toxic parents or Toxic siblings. Became the framework of their relationships into the future until they realise and recognise their negative pattern and heal towards the root of their identity, behaviour,  fear, and definition of love.

The subject of Grief is also defining unconscious belief of losses. To believe and hold an idea that you lose. And this perspective engraved a burnt image in your memory that its so hard to shake it off. And here is a resolution to help heal that etched black memory. Instead of being pushed down and oppressed by that incident, memory and experience. Hold that feeling, belief, idea and energy as separate from you. This experience comes from external energy that you willingly and no matter what state of your consciousness you receive. I want you to redefine this experience by looking at the clear aspects of this memory. When you focus on a memory it energizes your prana in the body and becomes what is attracted to you. We want to clear the definition you perceive to affect you with your very own freedom of voice. 

I want you to question, how does this experience paint my character. What flaws have this experience shown to me. What about the person who brought this experience to me, what identity has they revealed about themself? Are they trustworthy, compassionate or are they cruel and destructive. Or both, they became close to you by pretending to show this false qualities and they then win your heart and trust only to destroy your self belief from inside out. 

I want you to push away from feeling bad, I want you to use facts on who this person finally reveal themselves as. Use their character, treatment and behaviour to define their true identity. Do not use how other people treat you as a remote of Self Definition or Self Worth. 

Ask why do you attract them into your life what about your personality or boundaries had allowed them to get so close to you and able to break down your faith and abuse your hopes. Is there a People Pleasing Syndrome in your behaviour. Have you ignored and suppressed your discomfort in order to please others. Have you silenced your needs in order to fulfill other peoples need to your own detriment.

I would love for you to understand this as an advice, a loving advice. No one on this earth can manipulate you if you attain control and awareness of all spectrum of your feelings. Be very keen to see aspects of people who dismiss your desire and feeling. Respectful peers will take time to listen to you without judgement. It is possible to be very self aware of your feelings. And even if there are people who manage to manipulate you, you will learn not to take it personally as how people behave have nothing to do with you. Only how they are responsible for what is  in their mind, feelings, fears or beliefs they carry. You can choose to be nobody’s victim when you refuse to allow how other peoples treatment of you define your self worth or honour. 

Now that you can look at the individual who have done harm towards you without attaching your perspective on how it defines you. You redefine and project the truth on these individuals. They showcase their personality traits through how they treat others. Even if they manage to show respect, compassion, support as a first mask. When the mask falls off, you get to see their true colors. Which paints a picture on them. Not you. 

For you to shield and protect yourself you use this experience to scan which vulnerable part do you portray to make you a target. What boundaries must you build in order to invalidate and refuse this attraction. From here on then, you get to experience healthier relationship that enables you to form strong bonds with new peers and social circles.

Instead of looking at your emotional grief as losses you look at how the loss is just masked as conceit and scam. Its loss either way you see it. The clear perspective to make you realise true gain is to ask what part of you was extorted and how you free this part from the manipulative individual. You gain your self worth, self esteem, heart, faith in your intuition, strength, dignity, time, energy, attention, skills, profession. You understand that you release yourself from this leeching and vampire sucking attachment. That is like throwing a rubbish away. Think of this as a gain of your freedom to finally truly realise that your mind can see fully the clean slate of your new future from people as those who you left/or attempt to take advantage of you. But you still have faith in people yourself and the world you live in. But you, you paint and project a powerful picture of truth. That the person who betray, harm or abused your love, faith, trust are one very destructive individual that is attempting to spread their destructive virus of hate, revenge, poison into othet peoples good spirit and soul. If they have shown they have no kind heart and they see goodness as weakness. To them whatever they do has no blessings for the rest of their life they live in the darkness of their nightmares.

You are imagining you are losing things. Because the perpetrators wants you to believe you lose all your goodness amd great qualities and strengths. They want you to believe they could take it all away. But truly they walk away with false idea to feed their ego. Because nobody can take away your strength only if you believe they can. I stop believing in this individuals because they completely have nothing. Just a lot of talk and rubbish promises as their charming and manipulative personality. They got zero substance. All surface. And you dear readers, have some great essence within you that you need to come into realisation and recognition. Take full control of your strength and goodness and nobody can distort the way you see yourself, life and this beautiful world.

There is no need to grief anymore, as this was a false aspect that traps your mind, soul and apirit into disabling your vision to see the blessing that is right there foe you if you choose to keep your head up and smile and open your heart to the good world and be sensible to who you allow to get close to you.

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Lovely regards,

Meredith Mynrose / Universal Healer 

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