Grief towards Eternal Freedom and Joyousness / Universal Healer

I Need to Replace

My Old Grief

With My New Joy

Through understanding

What I have truly Gained

To Let go of the Idea of Loss

That never existed in the first place

What was truly for me to grieve

Is the Purchase of False Hope

Bought with my Faith and Free Spirit

Now I set my spirit free by seeing the truth

It was all a lie. A concoction of fear control and domination. To hide another persons fear, pain, vulnerability and agony of their self hatred and sins. I set myself free by leading my inner child to understand that joy comes again now after I realise that I was not grieving for a loss. I was heart broken by the lack of humanity and compassion that is so real and shocking that it traumatises me to learn the real truth. 

But for now I am settled with understanding and remembering that not everyone lacks compassion or humanity. That there are still people who actually are kind and are sincere and genuine. And it allowed me to have stronger connection to myself my intuition and gut instincts in who I open my emotional connection to as a form of reliability and trust. And who doesnt have the luxury of my love and faith. 

I may still have faith in the world as general. But I know truly in my heart that not everyone has the key to unlock the deep well within my spirit without first seeing eye to eye with me. Honesty and Trust comes with a price, and it forms based on growing loyalty and secure heart connection. 

From Grief to Joy with the Bridge of Gratitude I learn to seek what fulfills my heart with the sorrow as the south of my compass and I lead by looking North towards the Peak of my Joy. I use Gratitude to converse the transformation of an idea of a loss shifting into the true gain of joy and opportunities receive blessings in this world. We shift our reality when we convert our grief into gratitude and focusing towards joyousness. 

I gained my dignity, self esteem, recovered my self worth, my confidence, my healthy self perception, my money beliefs, wealth and abundance. My faith in kindred spirits and humanity. I gained emotional freedom. I gained peace of mind. I gained a secure home. I gained a safe surrounding. I liberated my passion and income. I tip my income limit every month into pure abundance. I gained my true identity, authenticity and genuineship.

The idea of a loss underneath a confused grief that had been lingering underneath the shadows of my mind and emotions cease to exist as I understand and understood the reason my subconscious mind held this idea of loss is because the root idea of being mistreated badly and harmed has not been reached until today and now I truly realise, leaving was the most powerful gain I could ever receive. But my mind was still foggy and unclear being conflicted by unprocessed raw emotions mixed up with many confusion and chatter. Truly with the awareness I receive now and the recovery and healing I did for myself through periods of isolation and questioning and figuring things out. I break the epitome of all mental prisons. I am here to seek joy and gain glory from all my past endeavours. Today starts my joyhood and grounded understanding that my past is only an experience that moulded all of my strengths and power. I am enthralled by the opportunities arriving beyond the new horizon. I wish you the same.

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