Grief : For the Love that Never Existed

​Grief : For the love that never existed

And you try so hard to still find an ounce of love

In the people you call family

You evade seeing their abusive behaviours

Put down and assaults

And keep forgiving their true unloving actions

You act as if all the abuse is part of love

But yet you sorrowed in your heart

And you cant shake it off

That somehow if you have enough faith

They will one day love you in return

And see how you sacrificed for them

And thats how they want you to be

Broken until no ending

To prove that only then you deserve their love

How twisted and distorted this false life you live in

your ego so mishapen from the truth and you are coerced

Into living a beautiful fantastic lie filled with drama

And emotional torture that burns you alive

And into ashes you become with broken spirits

pretending you are alright,  you are okay

But turning into a live corpse just for the sake of this game

This toxic belief of love is a sacrifice

And you on the cross

How shameful is that your love belongs to be on a cross

How dark is your faith to distort your own worth 

To settle and sleep with the demons

that eats your honour and dignity to live with joy and subtle smiles

Of content and fulfillment

How are we so dejected to carry this toxic belief that increases the sorrow in our soul

We can run we can hide and we can fight.

But what if we just release and surrender

This toxic love and grief back to the real victims

The victims who lack self compassion and lack of love

We shouldnt carry grief beyond our own innocence

for this i release all the grief pushed down my throat by other peoples mistreatment throughout all of my life.

I cut and return and neutralise all energetical ties that links me to other peoples grief behind their abuse and mistreatment.

I cannot and will not subconsciously take on other peoples grief for my sake and my pure root of self love.

For as long as I live in this body and soul. I retrieve all of my joy and happiness. As I know I am aware of the root sorrows that was never mine. And from my own experiences. I heal through self reflection and realisation.
I am free from toxic grief. I am embracing pure joy and everything good that comes along with it.

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Meredith Mynrose / Universal Healer

Published by meredithmynrose

I am a Universal Healer, Life Coach and Peace Visionary. Welcome to my blog where I share tips on energy healing, articles of personal development and sharing my wisdom and experiences to build a peaceful and powerful community in this planet one small neighbourhood at a time. Follow my youtube channel : AndromedaLoveStory

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