True Attachment 

​True Attachment

You are disappointed by feeling dissapointment of people who are close to you. You then create desire to subconsciously relate to other people with fake connection so there is no more dissapointment. (So you can control the expectations of being dissapointed: attraction to sociopath) You keep people whom you desire at arms length. And people who you dont desire at your side. You fear of true attachment due to unhealed grief behind these dissapointments. You felt the love once. And it was taken away from you by ego, miscommunication, misunderstanding, fear and doubt. But true love forgives and are willing to change. You truly fear unrequited love because you expect this love to be returned. But in truth you can learn to walk away when your needs are not met rather than closing your heart. Maybe you were disappointed repeatedly and you change. Rather than they change. But you close your heart. And your heart is filled with increasing amount of grief. This can hide as complex-post traumatic stress disorder or simply ptsd. Unhealed grief changes people. Have you changed? Do you want to return to your authentic selves?

Your heart can shift the valves and pumps and ties to connect to different types of people who has different principles, values, beliefs that matches yours. You too can shift your ideologies and actions as well as behaviour to attract different type of people whom will in requiem balance the love you give and reciprocate your energetical investment mutually.

Are you ready to heal your grief and toxic disappointments so that you clear your heart to receive love again? I would hope so. 

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Lovely regards

Meredith Mynrose

Universal Healer 💜

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