Giving Kindness to Those who Deserves Them / Universal Healer

​Are you scared of giving kindness? That makes you stop connecting to the world around you?

Because when you are nice to people they take advantage of you?

Let me tell you this. You are missing out on life.

When you realise and acknowledge that specific persons behaviour as being ungrateful. You have every right to judge them as they are and remember to then choose to give kindness with intelligent boundaries. To others.

Do not close your heart off from the world after being betrayed, but learn to refuse opening your heart to a person who has shown its true color and will not change. 

You take the other road that does not stop at their path. And if they persist to keep taking advantage of you and feeling entitled. You can put a positive healthy mental and emotional barrier as you remember your self worth and values.

You can keep being a kind person but now with the intelligence to choose to whom deserves your kindness. 

Learn to acknowledge and realise ungrateful and entitled behaviour in your peers. And kindly refuse fake apology when you give them a second chance and they keep dismissing your boundaries.

Positive Healthy Boundaries with Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer. Want more tools? Schedule a session at website! or

“Life begins when you smile,” – Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer

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I am a Universal Healer, Life Coach and Peace Visionary. Welcome to my blog where I share tips on energy healing, articles of personal development and sharing my wisdom and experiences to build a peaceful and powerful community in this planet one small neighbourhood at a time. Follow my youtube channel : AndromedaLoveStory

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