Exclusive Psychic Reading in Klang Valley, Malaysia


I provide Psychic Readings to answer the questions you seek out of good intention to guide, heal and resolve issues that you may carry about your life. In relationships, career, personal life and different interests you wish to inquire.

Promo : 27th October – 6th November 2019

Tarot Psychic Reading RM250 1 Hour

or RM350 1.5 hour

Contact Meredith 01137145600 to make an appointment

You may subscribe to our special offers update to be informed of special offers.
Tarot & Psychic Reading is RM 420 for 1.5 hours.
Universal Healing is RM 800 for 1.25 hours.
For online readings, please check the other pages.
Schedule a Universal Healing Session or Psychic Readings.

tarot & psychic readingegrity.

Providing psychic readings in Klang Valley since 2011.
If you agree to our terms and conditions and code of ethics.
You may use this number to book an appointment, 01137145600

Location : Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Kuala Lumpur

Meredith Mynrose // Universal Healer



Important & Word of Caution

We appreciate your moral and common sense when communicating with us.
We cater our services to clientele who values quality, precision, and integrity.
This reflects on our prices.

We do not tolerate those who wishes to make an issue of our prices. We expect any of our future clients to behave with maturity.
There has been multiple inappropriate communication from the inquiries we receive. So before you reach out to us with your inquiry, please make sure that you come with mutual respect and that you have no intention in being abusive.
We do not tolerate immature, abusive, manipulative, entitled inquirers.

We reserve the right to DENY Our Services to anyone matching this behavior.
There are other alternatives that may match your financial needs. We understand the predicament certain individuals may face such as desperation and wish to find immediate relief. But we are not resorting to allowing abuse to happen. Especially at a holistic alternative therapy energy studio we maintain. We can only serve individuals who respect our business the way we intend to serve our clients in mutually healthy way.

The price we place on our services was not decided for fun. Healing is a serious matter and the scope of our service encompasses spiritual realms in the dark and light energy. We take precautionary measures to ensure that the healer and the business is protected from ill intent individuals, arrogance, and ill informed individuals who do not understand the true value of this healing practice.

We advise for you to seek other available consultants from different service providers if you cannot afford our services. We are not the only energy healers in this town. The price you pay reflect the quality of healing you receive. We cater our services to clientele who values quality, precision, and integrity.
This reflects on our prices. We thank you for your responsibility and int

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