Alternative Healing for Mental & Emotional Health in Klang Valley, Malaysia


I am a spiritual healer and psychic. I am able to read the conditions blocking the individual who carries different mental health conditions and find the root source of this distress. Using energy healing and energy reading abilities, I will guide you to reclaim your inner strength and power so you can control your mind and bring peace to your heart and life. The method is through consultation and conversation. I reconnect the broken link so you can understand and connect yourself to the inner truth and inner voice. I will help you to bring more inner confidence and assist you to one by one release the layer of darkness in your awareness so you may achieve clarity to gain positive experience in life. I help you to remove mental and emotional baggage and help you finish unresolved experiences from the past. I work with trauma, negative experiences, and memories that loops in your mind endlessly. I teach you how to bring inner peace into your life and guide you how to practice self-love and mental defense. I am based in Damansara Perdana, Malaysia. For more information and to book an appointment. Call +6011 3995 4417. International clients to email 
I am a Universal Healer using my skills and abilities to shine a light on Social Issues such as Social Oppression, Family Trauma, Psychopathy, Narcissism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Scapegoats, Affects of Child Abuse in Grown Adults, Childhood Trauma. I teach people how to reclaim their power and boundaries through Self Awareness & Mental Defense. Book an appointment to see me if you wish to transform your life.

Meredith Mynrose // UNIVERSAL HEALER

12.12pm Sunday 17th July 2016

Published by meredithmynrose

I am a Universal Healer, Life Coach and Peace Visionary. Welcome to my blog where I share tips on energy healing, articles of personal development and sharing my wisdom and experiences to build a peaceful and powerful community in this planet one small neighbourhood at a time. Follow my youtube channel : AndromedaLoveStory

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