Unhealed Trauma is Soul Wounds


Hello everybody welcome to Andromeda Love Story, My name is Meredith. The Video today I want to talk to you about is titled “Unhealed Trauma is Soul Wounds” and meow meow is talking to us because he has something to share as well.

*meow audibles*

So, I realise that um, *meow imitations*

Okay I realise that when you have a traumatic or stressful situation that does not bring you peace, and its unresolved. I have a video called Unfinished Business something in my youtube videos, watch it here.

When you have a situation in your past that feels unfinished, feels unresolved, you carry that baggage because its an open wound. Lets say you were abused as a child, you were bullied at school, you were neglected by your mother, you were – you receive hostility from people and you are like figuring out, “WHY?, Why me? Why did this happen, Why?”and then it shocked you and you felt feelings that doesn’t bring you any – it cuts you and it bruises you. It bruises your confidence, It bruises your self esteem. It bruises your identity. You are hurt and you are broken and when you look at yourself, you’re like, “Did I ask for this treatment? Did I deserve what happen to me? Did I call upon this to myself? Hmm…”

There is a lot of things going on for so many people out there. There is people losing people, people being hurt by people, people being attacked by people, (I’ll tell you a new news soon)

Well, I don’t want to sound like how other people sound but, the words that cross my mind was “It all comes down to the perspective you carry,” So when we were born as little babies, our memories have been wiped from the pasts and we have to again build an identity because we are born with a new physical vessel, this human body. Which I am very grateful for and I know some of you are grateful for it that carries your soul. So when we’re born new in this new physical entrapment called skin, heart, lungs, mind, body, this psyche and this exterior physical matter. Our souls are eternal its like our souls are portions of spirits sparks. Just imagine all souls are just bubbles coming up from water and the water is universal so, bubbles is a form of air that had been – er, that came from water and then its a tiny spark so air came from water, oxygen right. So all of our souls belongs to the spirit, spirit is the maker of this entire universe and we come here to evolve this specific planet we evolve through going what we go through and what ever had happened to you in the past that either traumatizes you, hurts you, betrayed you, attacked you, abused you, harmed you in any negative ways which literally sculpted our identity to either make us vulnerable or to make us grow strong. So in our adversities, the struggles we go through is where we found out greatest strengths. So if in your past the pain you carry has molded you to become passionate about something- that is your purpose. Within a lot of pain and suffering comes a reason and the reason for your life, the question you ask Why, the question you ask Why that the big emptiness you carry inside you and the big longing-ness to have it is mainly your purpose and your pursuit of happiness and its your calling. So many other people in this life, they have different callings and all of your past struggles is leading you to that one specific and unique calling. So whatever you have been through, the unfinished business, the unhealed baggages, the negative part of your life and you can understand and realise that if you look properly it led you to the make the decision and that decision is for your highest good, because you were being led by spirit whether or not you can see, sense, or feel because spirit is all. There is a big hand up in the universe pulling our strings, coordinating events and synchronizing everything to come together to one point where everything just fits perfectly. Perfectly. Even though you struggled and you go through ups and downs through those struggles you found your voice, you found your meaning, you found your worth, you found your true selves. So within that capacity of understanding yourself, you evolve and you become who you are. We were born whole. Our souls are not imperfect. We are divinely perfect. We are divinely sculpted to be who we are right now in this very moment I’m speaking to you. You are who you are, because its divine. I am who I am because I’m divine and you are divine. Everything that exists now is divine. There is nothing wrong with anything. We are on a journey where we evolve and we evolve from discovering who we truly are meant to become. We are becoming even more in tune with spirit, we are becoming even more connected to spirit with each passing moment and some people get the opportunity to connect and learn more when they open up to receive guidance, to receive healing. Healing is not necessarily that you are broken. Its because you have all the lessons and you want to grow yourself into a wiser soul (brighter spark of a star) , so see your past and your mistakes that you deem as wrong or bad or the darkness and the sadness and the grief and the trauma and the pain that people put on to you as gifts from the universe to help you sculpt your calling. To sculpt your passion, to sculpt your identity so that you can become who you truly meant to become.


So talking about the soul wounds, the wounds of the soul is actually a gift that is actually still unwrapped. Because in each pain there is a gift and the gift in those pains are wisdom’s to evolve. So many of you who have a lot of pain finding the peace in that pain is the path that you can evolve and liberate your soul. And then when you open that packages, that baggage’s and heal it and find peace with it. You settle down in a unique energy that is yours. You own that darkness and you had the power to transmute it into light and you heal yourself from within and you empower and evolve to become a stronger human being to pursue that purpose and to have a life you deserve and to go forward in life being who you truly are meant to be.

The traumas of your past, the pain of your pasts is a gift that is unwrapped and you have to dig. You have to have the courage to feel those pain, you have to have the courage to see it for what it really is with no judgement and say what can I learn, what can I form from this pain. Because pain is a stepping stone to your purpose. If you had gone through a lot of pain, your voice has a reason and you living for a purpose so the pain that you carry can be used as a stepping stone to find what propels you to be passionate if the pain is still there, there is something you can do to change it. Everybody has a pain, a calling. Some people they carry pain to see animal abuse and they become advocates for animal rights. Some people they carry pain because they have diseases that doctors cannot eliminate or cure and may become advocates for this diseases like Lyme diseases. Some people have pain from domestic violence and they become advocates for that. So you can see for an example all this people who carries this pain they go on and become a voice of change. If you are asking me how about people who works 9-5 job and they carry pain, um- lets say some people like Tony Robbins who work hard to feed – who came from a background where food was a necessity and he becomes one of the person who gives food during thanksgiving as a charity and that was his purpose. Because he felt how much it hurts the pain he carried when he didn’t have that thing and he was blessed to have a man knock on the door and send his family a thanksgiving dinner (when he was younger a child) . So he use his pain to excel and fuel his purpose. So if I can ask you this question, throughout everything you have been through with all your trauma and the wounds that you carry in your soul, that is still unwrapped, which is a gift to find your purpose; what can you conceive from your pain. What can you conceive from your pain. What can you deliver to yourself to make yourself. What can you give to yourself, what can you give to yourself? Life already gave you pain, but when you really look at that pain there is a hidden hidden message in that pain. Because in that pain the hidden messages will give you signs that makes you unique to help you use your soul and it will create a passion inside you that creates a fulfillment and joy when  you start doing that thing that starts to heal your pain and embark on a passionate journey to spread light because passion is light, passion is spirit, passion is love. An eternal love is passion. So when you have eternal love, you commit to that purpose you carry in  your soul for your life purpose, you liberate yourself, you become a free spirit. All the wounds in your soul, all the pain that has been carried in the past, the baggage’s that you carry; open it, heal it, evolve. Pick the pain and find that gem. Find that treasure in the pain of your heart, transmute it to your purpose, there is something from all of it. From all of your past, from every single moment, pit stop, journey, ups and down, this roller coaster, from this moment now and from the day you were born, What is this theme that keeps you beating and that theme could give you a sign and a clue of where you are meant to go so that you can give back to spirit what spirit gave to you. Spirit gave you all this and sculpted you, so for myself spirit gave me pain in family and my purpose, my calling is to just create and guide and ignite this spark so that I can see more happy families, so that I can see more beautiful families, so that I can make my own beautiful family. So that I can help and guide people who seeks a safe home and childhood trauma is something that I’m passionate about to heal, domestic violence more towards teaching people not about violence but about how to behave and how to tame the ego so that there is peace. So in overall all I wanted when I was young was peace and that is why I’m working to help and share messages and wisdom so that the souls that listens to what I have to say finds a way out into the light and be rescued. Rescued for me means that liberated. Because the truth liberates people. The truth gives people light and hope and faith. Just being myself and sharing my story gives people hope, gives people light, gives people faith. Gives people a chance to believe in themselves because they can see somebody who is going through so much can still survive and forgive and find wisdom within the pain they carried for so long. Be a tougher warrior, be resilient, don’t give up. Find that peace. You have the answer all inside you.

{That kitten came back with me yesterday night. He followed me to the staircase and I’m like. Fine . . you can come} The news {Somebody was feeding it and I gave some catfood, I turn back he ran off and when I look back, he was following me when I walk back to the stairscase to the lift, and I’m like “Why are you following me,” so Lyra has a new friend. Okay.}

So if you feel like you want to talk to me and receive some assistance and guidance, if you want to leave me a comment, feedback, so that I can answer in this youtube video, go ahead. If you like me to help you with having a private session, you can either email me or click the link to book a session. And I send you big beautiful blessings. Everything is going to be alright, you will be healed because everybody is on a journey to find spirit, to find oneness with the universe and heal and receive love, and find themselves. Everybody wants to be themselves, everybody wants to be free, everybody wants to know themselves, everybody wants to understand themselves. Everybody wants to be free. So peaceful intervention here, comment, feedback, share, schedule an appointment with me if you like to work with me privately. My name is Meredith Mynrose, I’m a Universal Healer. Thank you so much for your time, thank you so much for your support. Thank you for your donations and contributions. I received some for Starbucks, which I am so happy and glad for from  Liv in Norway, thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. And my clients whom I’m working with right now, I truly appreciate your trust and faith in me, from Canada and from Israel and from other countries, thank you so much everybody. So I’ll see you next time. Bye.

Meredith Mynrose
Happy to be Here Xx



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