3rd Year Andromeda Love Story Anniversary

3rd Year Anniversary.png

Hi everyone, this is my third year for andromeda love story youtube channel celebration!

I have amazing specials for this anniversary.

I am putting my products on special discounts! We are accepting donations for the success of youtube channel Andromeda Love Story’s growth and reach to 90,000 views and 1000 and counting subscribers. We are offering Universal Healing sessions marked down to $100 per session!

1) Chakra Soaps for USD 5/pc International Postage for $5 for a bag maximum of 6-7 soaps with tracking (2 Weeks Shipping

7 Chakra Soap Set for $30 + ($5 P & P)
1 Chakra Soap for $5 + ($5 P & P)


2) My Andromeda Energy Transformation Oils ~USD30 – USD70

IMG_7291_2.jpg TRANSFORMATION OIL : Physical energy healing, Archangel Michael for Protection, Crown Chakra and Root Chakra USD $30

IMG_7296_2.jpgVENUS STAR CHILD OIL : Inner Child Healing, Removing Dark Attachments, Love Base Energy USD $40

IMG_7292.jpg HEART SUTRA OIL : Higher Self Healing, Connecting to Divine Spirit from Heart Chakra, Softest Oil Energy Wise, Soothing, Core Energy Healing, USD $50

IMG_7284_2.jpg  ROSE FIRE EMBLEM OIL : Balancing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine,  Reconnecting Brain Energy After Trauma, Healing the Nervous System, USD $60



3) My Chakra Healing Bracelets USD80

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (3).png

4) Tarot Reading 10 Cards USD50Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (3).png

5) Chakra Healing Distance Healing USD50 for 30mins (Email Written Transcript At End of Healing)

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (2).png

6) Starseed Reading $50 for Email Written Reading, Send a Picture!

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (1).png

7) Angel Reading for $50 for 5 Cards/ Angel Channeling Send a Question!

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session) (1)

8) Universal Healing 1 Hour Session $100 instead of $130

Universal Healing (Anniversary Session).png

Other Requirements? Please send me a message and we can discuss about what I can offer as a healing or metaphysical training/guidance specifically for you ~ ~ ~



Add the total items together and insert the amount into the payment section of the link below.

Click this link to Pay, Purchase or
Donate & Contribute through
Paypal : https://goo.gl/C23tfP
and Email me your choice to meredithmynrose@gmail.com~

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