My Thoughts on Criticisms


1) Every Criticisms hides a Compliment, Just turn it around to reflect the naysayer and you are holding the positive, and they are holding the negative. Its just a sub-anatomy of life.
2) We speak who we are. When we criticise, we hold that energy. When we compliment, we resonate and hold on to that energy.
3) All criticisms I receive is a validation of my strengths that is painted negative by jealous and envious insecure participants of life that wishes they can stand on my level of success without putting an effort to build themselves up. No free associations.
– Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer // Peace Visionary
p.s:// compliments are usually free, criticism is expensive and usually pays a hefty price
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Picture Credit : Byron Katie 

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I am a Universal Healer, Life Coach and Peace Visionary. Welcome to my blog where I share tips on energy healing, articles of personal development and sharing my wisdom and experiences to build a peaceful and powerful community in this planet one small neighbourhood at a time. Follow my youtube channel : AndromedaLoveStory

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