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What is there to be blamed for and ashamed of when you are being a decent, loving and trusting human being? The projection from the abusers and cheaters guilt tripping you to feel their emotions, because they know its wrong and they don’t want to admit they made a mistake, or make many mistakes. They force you to feel their emotions and take responsibility for their mistakes, while they walk free without conscience. Its time. For you to let it go.

Mantra & Affirmation time with me, Say it out loud.

“I refuse to carry other people’s negative projections, beliefs and emotions in my consciousness. I refuse.”

“I refuse to accept blame or shame for being targeted by a psychopath because I believe in love, in people, and in myself.”

“I refuse to participate in the chaos and drama directed by other people’s fears and insecurities. I refuse to play the role of a victim and a weakling.”

“I refuse to carry any more negative beliefs from people who cannot admit the truth about their own mistakes. I stop being scapegoated by society, family, job, and my entire life. I refuse profusely.”

“I refuse to hold on to irresponsible people and their emotions, behaviour, and negative beliefs. I refuse to accept their toxic in my life.”

“I refuse to play stupid or weak to support the fake psychopath facade of being strong, powerful, and courageous. I refuse to validate their lies, and I refuse to accept their mental decapitation and retardicity.”

“I refuse to be sacrificed and suffer for irresponsible people who will never grow up from their beliefs, actions and smear campaign. I refuse to let other people pull me beneath them for their cowardly insecurity.”

“I refuse to allow any deception or trickery pass my global view and perspectives filled clarity in my life. I refuse to let in any evil intention to cause havoc or chaos in my life. I refuse profusely.”

“I refuse to negotiate with manipulation. I refuse to negotiate with deception. I refuse to tolerate vindication. I refuse to process weak attempts of accusation and brutal lies. I refuse to engage with toxic people.”

“I refuse to give any chances or opportunities for toxic people to have the benefit of a doubt. I refuse to be patient with bullshit. I refuse to be pleasant with fake people. I refuse to give respect to those who do not deserve basic dignity. I refuse to be responsible for other people’s uncomfortability of watching me glow, shine and sparkle. I refuse to minimise my free spirit to accommodate toxic people’s insecurity, fear, and irresponsibility.

“I refuse to pretend I am weak to accommodate other people’s lack of self belief. I refuse to be intimidated by other people’s jealousy, cock-based pride, false one-upmanship comparison, and ass-fanning.”

“I decide to wilfully stay in my center and stand in my strength. I give myself permission to let people feel their emotions without myself feeling any connection to the cause of their emotions. I am blame-free, guilt-free and I wilfully stay that way. I refuse to tolerate emotionally irresponsible people. Hence, I will constantly accept people in the conditions they are emotionally responsible to what they carry and I refuse to accept any projections from emotionally, intellectually and physically irresponsible people. I refuse to tolerate other people’s negative behaviour. I refuse to tolerate other people’s negative projections. I refuse to admit any other people’s negative beliefs. I purify the atmosphere of my soul. I purify my web of life. I purify my universe with eye-blaring clarity.”

“I refuse to tolerate people who are actually angry at themselves, because they lack self control.”

“I refuse to tolerate people who thinks because they cannot do it, they don’t think I could, my reply is “You can never do what I do, because its not your soul destiny and calling to begin with, there isn’t any need for any comparison at all.”

“I refuse to tolerate other people’s anger, shame, pain, scarcity, envy and jealousy, defective perspectives, and distorted beliefs. I refuse to accept false dogmas and fake literacy. I refuse to stress myself for other people’s comfort. I refuse to sabotage myself for other people’s fear of looking stupid and weak in comparison to my success and achievements.”

“I refuse forgiveness, I refuse compassion, I refuse faith and I refuse connection to other people who have continuously betrayed, endangered, and sacrificed my trust, my light, and my heart for the game of their fear and insecurity. I refuse the forced of responsibility for the mistakes done by the psychopaths. I refuse to acknowledge false retribution and false apology. I refuse to offer chances and I refuse to close one eye and ignore evil and dark characteristics in people. I completely and profusely refuse.”

“I refuse to believe that I am the cause of other people’s deepest fears. My spiritual connection to the universe made me faithful, beautiful and bright. I refuse to be compared to by other people. Nobody grows when they compete with others. The best growth is when you focus of being better than you were yesterday. I refuse to be associated with any fake destructive people, period.”

“I refuse to accept anything else but True Compassion, Trustworthy Honesty, Integrity Based Actions, Clean Spoken Minds, Pure Intention Hearts, Good Will and Treasure of Love.”

“I refuse to unspeak my truth, and to use my god-will to carry deep roots in establishing my iron will boundary to reinstate my affirmations in this moments and through all course of my life in all of the planes and dimensions, known and unknown to human and sentient beings.”

MeredithMynroseProfileI am a Universal Healer and a Peace Visionary, with a mission to bring enlightenment to society so that earth can achieve a rising number of happy & peaceful earth lovers.

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