New Year Mind Map

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New Year Mind Map 


Hi Beloved souls, this is the Mind Map you can fill out for your Year 2016 Plan. You may have arrived here from signing up from my Universal Healer’s Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, click here.

To use this, please use the explanation below. You can download the pdf NewYearMindMap_MeredithMynrose.

Mind Map has always been something basic that most creative people do and was founded by Tony Buzan, whom I adore and had learnt about during my stint as an art college student back in 2006. Mind Mapping is simply a tool to help you organise an Idea, or Project, or basically here, your Soul and Life.

This Mind-Map will largely compass around the year 2016. This is your Mind Map. About You.Your Soul and Your Reality.

The First Part of this Mind Map branches out to the 3 Main Key Words of 2016. So these are The Themes of Your Year. When you look back in December 2016, You will have to check, have you accomplished the theme and keyword surrounding the year you have journeyed?

So this will keep you at pace with your choice of how you would like your 2016 to be. For example: My 3 keywords are “Excitement”, “Expansion” and “Stability”. These are because the past 2 years my 2015 and 2014 have been a journey of a hermit, caving in, and anti-social butterfly. Sharpening my Healing, Spiritual Skills and Refining my Abilities. Having “Excitement” means that I will be spreading my graciously grown wings again, and expansion means to grow in my personal freedom, happiness, career and interests. My keyword “Stability” is to ensure the ground doesn’t shake and I firmly have both feet planted in the ground giving myself security and safety.

Have a thought about what keywords you would like that 2015 makes you want very badly. Is it more JOY? a little more COURAGEOUS? or maybe even EXPRESSIVE?

The Second Part of This Mind Map branches into the feelings that you wish to experience this year. You can reflect back on your 2015 and feel what emotions that you desire to feel but was not able to reach. With this mindmap, we are going to make you choose the emotions you hold on to. Maybe “Gratitude”, “Peaceful”, and “Satisfied”.

You can even choose words like, “At Ease”, “Bold”, “Certain” or “Confidence”. When you choose this words, you will be able to grow an intention of always holding that feeling. By holding this feeling, you start to think on how  to carry this feeling most of the time. So here we go next to third part.

The Third Part of This Mind Map is where your unique thoughts come into the picture, this will then influence how you grow your feelings with the emotions you choose to focus on. Your thoughts constantly send frequencies to your body, telling it to feel a certain way, so when you choose your thoughts carefully, you get to tell your body to behave in a way that you feel good and begin to shift your emotions, you can feel more comfortable living in this one body you have and feel better about yourself.

The thoughts that drives you to do something, to feel something, to be something. What thoughts will make you feel “Excited”, or feel more “Gratitude”, and even “Confident” ?

Review your keywords, your emotions, and think of what will make your 2016 year, rewarding, pleasant, and satisfying. What ideas are rushing through your head giving you sparks of delightful feelings when you think about your New Year of 2016. Is it the ability to join the course you have been waiting to enroll in? The opportunity to start a new business or job? The feeling of growing your business and reaching to serve your crowds?

Maybe even, the trip to a cultural town, forest or beach of your choice? Does your keywords and feelings help you spark some positive, possible ideas for you to live it in your mind? Daydream it and feel good about this thought’s often, because these thoughts are what will drive your body to help you attain the ideas/dreams and goals you have.

The Last Part of This Mind Map is the Action Plan. What actions will you take to make your year more of what you desire, based on your continuous willpower to make it so? Will you be more persistent in your goals and wake up daily reminding yourself that you have a purpose to fulfill, and a life to enrich? Your Life? Will you do that thing you have been putting off doing, and creating a positive and rich story setting as the motivation behind finally doing it? Have you weigh the pros and cons of procrastinating? Is there something that stops you from taking action, if so – what? Write it down. Then shift your mind to speak about a new possibility, another angle to your story and say, “here is another way to look at it,” always find the light in your obstacle and grow to be stronger, wiser and better.

Thats it! This is the supplement to help you build your year!

I hope that this mindmap will inspire you and help you to create a year that you are in charge of, by putting intention, focus, willpower, and effort, holding to the feeling that keeps you on your target life. I know you can reach your limits and break the boundaries and take it as a positive challenge to keep you growing bigger, happier and filled with joy.

If you like these, and want to share with your friends, just click the share button. I would love to hear your vision about 2016, your keywords, feelings to focus on, thoughts that drives you and the action plan you like to take. Share on in the comment section below!


p.s: / Have a Great Happy New Year, beloved Souls!


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