Universal Healing 1st Skype Call Free – For the Incoming Program Launch 15th November


Universal Healing Program 

10 Sessions
1st Consultation Free over Skype Call

We will read through your energy and find the root situation and arrange the sessions according to your needs and layer by layer healings.

Program Cost USD $1080

10 Sessions in the Span of 2 weeks – 2 months.
As frequent as desired or needed.

5 sessions / week for 2 weeks* limited to 3 or
5 sessions / month for 2 months.

Universal Healing is a healing method created by Meredith  Mynrose, where the utmost priority obstacle is observed and made aware. Then there will be an energy re-linked and connection to its roots and there it will be healing the first infliction of suffering or discord of spiritual love.

The Aura will be read and stagnant energies are confronted and healed to the source. This could mean negative entities around the Aura and may linked to the Chakra’s.

Any fear energies in the Chakra’s or Mental Consciousness will be explored and with psychic investigation, we will find the truth for clarity to ensue. Having the truth will reopened the channels of energy that is blocked in the person’s energy stream.

The inner child’s emotional body will go through a process of deep healing with each obstacle or stagnent energy that is confronted. Slowly the session will help alleviate the energies that are stuck so the aura will be harmonious and at ease.

A weak energy or Aura is due to the weak consciousness and awareness of an individual. By signing up to this program, your ability to be discerning of your weakness and holding the answer or consciousness to defend and protect your energy for any further abuse, negative influence will help you gain energy freedom in your presence in life. This enables you to pursue your dreams, desires, and fulfilling a happy future.

Topics for healing includes : Adult Victim of Child Abuse, Violent Childhood, Neglect, Abandonement, Sexual Abuse, Incest, Molestation, Humiliation, Shame, Adoption, Rape, Trauma, Oppression, Jealousy, Narcissism, Sociopath, Psychopaths, Fear Magnet, Lack of Abundance, Scarcity, Poverty, Weak Spirit, Ancestral Karma, Energy Awakening, Empath, Indigo Child, Crystal Child, MK-Ultra, Targeted Individual, Sex Slaves, Sex Kittens, Healing Energetical Boundaries, Negative Entities, Attachments, Addictions, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Spiritual Recovery, Soul Retrieval.

The main agenda and mission for this program is to create peace in the individual by unraveling the hidden truth, releasing pain and a spiritual power recovery. Think of it this way, It is taking steps to be more powerful as a spiritual being in your human life, learning the lessons and converting your suffering, pain, into wisdom and potential. 
Healing Program Application and Purchase closes 29th November.

Email : meredithmynrose@gmail.com to set a free call session and find out what you can do as the beginning steps to initiate self healing and decide if you are ready and willing to invest in your life and personal development.

In the Email : Share a paragraph of what you are looking for, including your basic life story, your obstacles and what are you focused on healing and your desires in life.

We will get back to you within 3 working days.

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer

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