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Hello and Thank you for allowing me to connect.
I am Meredith Mynrose a Universal Healer.

For the past 6 months, I have been healing my last set of deep fears that are stemmed from childhood. You may ask me what does this have in connection to you? I am a wounded healer and I have experienced most pain a human may have gone through in their life.

Now I have healed the one thing most of use go through as a child with abandonment, neglect, and security or safety. We search our lives to be protected not knowing that we can protect and nurture, care for ourselves. As a newborn child, a mother’s safe nurturing is meant to be provided, but for some people, it was not possible to receive it. Due to environmental danger, psychological health, or extreme situations that brings a mother and child apart. This creates a broken connection between the child, its emotional body and the connection it have with the mother symbol, which is nurture, care, protection, safety and love.

Some of us as adults, aren’t able to feel safe, or secure, so we turn towards materialism, addictive personality, co-dependency, craving for the one thing that we crave since we were still a baby. Our emotional body needs the nurturing that still lacks from love. We carry a stunted emotional growth and lack emotional maturity since we are unable to access our emotions due to the intense pain we still carry inside our emotional body. To heal this we need to find a way to tap back into the darkest fear of abandonment, and neglect, fear of danger, and fear of insecurity. A newborn baby needs to be soothe and when not taken care of, they experience intense fear, pain, loneliness, rejection and abandonment.

Here are some of the issues that I help to heal in my services. I deal with people with intense fear, and solidifying and liquifying the fears into moving energies with different perspectives and thoughtforms. If you have an obstacle in life that keeps repeating itself, it is the same issue coming into full cycle over and over again, until you find the root cause that was stemmed in your childhood. This is where I come in, I help you connect the dots so you can retrieve a specific memory or feelings you had that may arise with the services that I provide.

I deal with post-traumatic-stress-disorder, I deal with unfinished and unresolves issues and business you had with your past. I am the mediator for you to find peace in your past, so that you empower yourself towards your future. A past does haunts you when you refuse to confront it and face your fears. So I come into inject love in your perspectives so you can see the highest consciousness value of this situations. Because as a child, or younger version of you, your comprehension of how life works, maybe have been distorted.

I also help issues with Empaths, that attracts, Narcissists, Sociopaths or Psychopaths. With this, I help to enlighten my clients, about energetical boundaries and knowing their authenticity to learn to refuse what is not of their highest good. Besides that, I work with taboo topics such as Sexual Abuse, Oppression, Submission and any form of Violence in childhod or environmental surrounding.

I am providing my services for Universal Healing session at a special rate of USD 75 instead of the usual USD 127 a session.

If you like the first 1 hour session and would like to continue, I offer a session of the same special rate of USD 75 x 3 sessions which is = USD 225.

I also make a Custom Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelet, that will help you with healing your subconscious energy body while you wear this bracelet. This Bracelet is USD 96 and for the whole month of October, It will be a special rate of USD 75. I have had positive feedbacks about the bracelet that has been ordered from me and I can guarantee that the energy healing works for your highest good. A Natural Shift will happen with this bracelet. I programmed this custom bracelet with your highest benefits.

I would love to know and find out about you, and how you can benefit from my services and sessions. I would love for you email me a reply and let me know your thoughts and feelings. If you feel you wish to work with me, you can book an appointment and choose the services I have available.

The method to connect and have our sessions are through International Skype Services.

So my services are USD75 for 1 session, or USD225 for 3 sessions, and custom bracelets are USD75.

Click here to Order your 1 Session for USD $75


Click here to Continue to purchase 3 Sessions for USD $225

3sessions orderasession3

Click here to Purchase your Custom Chakra Healing Bracelet for USD $75


This special rates ends till 31st October ! So please spread the word to your friends who wants to take a journey into their personal healing and for your loved ones.

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This are my contact details :

Meredith Mynrose
Universal Healer

I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you.

With Love and Healing,
Meredith Mynrose

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