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I am available to make a customised chakra healing bracelet for you or your loved ones. This is a personal energy and aura programming crystal bracelet. It is done with a chakra reading process with the crystal selections we have in our crystal collections. These beads are selected based on its pure and high-quality energies. Then through reading your chakra via distance energy reading by me, Meredith Mynrose,  Universal Healer, we will bead and string your chakra bracelet together with your highest best energy to support and guide you to your healing journey.

This chakra healing bracelet with subconsciously heal you as you wear them daily. You may remove them and put it aside at night time and recharging and cleansing the bracelet twice a week by putting them under the sunlight in the morning. You may even choose to bath your chakra crystal bracelet with the moonlight at night.

Other ways to maintain your energy bracelet is to have a small bowl of himalayan salt to bury it under the salt overnight and wear it new tomorrow. Throw the salt away afterwards. You may use this method to repeat every week if you aren’t able to have source of sunlight in the morning or moonlight at night.

For this time being, the whole month of October, there is a special discount for this Customised Chakra Healing Bracelet. To Celebrate the Launch of this new Website Meredith Mynrose, Universal Healer.

The Regular Price is USD 96 and for This month only it is USD 75. You can purchase the bracelet below and comment in the note to seller section the size of your wrist. We use Inches in measurement, So you can get measure your wrist 2″ below your palm. The sizes available to choose is between 6″ , 6.25″ 6.5″ or 7″. If petite size women we have 5.75″ measurements.

Make your order now and receive it in 3 weeks including 2 weeks delivery International. Postage Applies, International Additional USD 5.


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