Love Your Inner Child // Coaching & Healing by Meredith Mynrose


Hi, I’m Meredith Mynrose!


I’m a Universal Healer and a Peace Visionary for Spiritual Seekers who are ready to breakthrough from their childhood trauma and manifest the inner peace, self love and happiness they believe they utterly deserve and cherish!

I’ve worked with people just like you who are ready to face their deepest fears, stumbling blocks, and unresolved histories. They are ready to face their demons, change their perspective, replace their fears, and take massive reflection to set themselves free from their dark histories and into a beautiful love story!

Combining my spiritual abilities and analytical skills. I help my clients to process their experiences and guide them to gain closure and achieve wisdom from their wounds. In turn, I assist my clients to create a system of inner harmony within their internal world. Which then reflects on the joy that they achieve in their current reality.

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You will learn how to do grounding, breathing, centering, amplifying your energy.

In this therapy, you will also learn how to create an Aura Shield around your Aura.

You will learn to bring in a golden light, a pure white light, and a protective shield of UV Light of Indigo.


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